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Pop Will Eat Itself

Chaos Control: Pop Will Eat Itself
Interview with frontman Clint Mansell shortly after the release of 'Dos Dedos Mis Amigos' in 1994.
Clint at the Controls
Latest news and reviews on the work of Clint Mansell.
The Defence Control Pop Will Eat Itself Page
With pictures, MP3s, QuickTime movie clips, guitar and bass tabs, and links.
Pop Will Eat Itself
Brief history of the band, discography, and sample list.
Pop Will Sample Itself
A comprehensive listing of samples used by PWEI on albums from much of their discography. Organized by release and song title.
PWEI Nation
Extensive fan site, with news, discography, lyrics, media clips, information on memorabilia, reviews, sample list and related links.
RAD Cyberzine: Interview with Pop Will Eat Itself
A brief 1994 interview with Clint Mansell, then of Pop Will Eat Itself. (January 1, 1994)
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