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The Prayer Boat

Atlantic Records - The Prayer Boat
Biography and soundclips from the US label of the Irish band.
Leonard's Lair: Polichinelle
Jonathan Leonard's review of the band's debut album: 'Not often, but just occasionally, a band arrives refreshingly free of irony with an album's worth of romantic longing and good old-fashioned songwriting.' 5 out of 5.
The Prayer Boat
Includes biography, discography, lyrics, images, reviews, and interviews.
The Prayer Boat - official site
Daily updates with news and information about the Irish band. Polichinelle reviews and audio/video samples files.
The Prayer Boat - 'Polichinelle'
All about Emmett Tinley and his band The Prayer Boat's album 'Polichinelle'.
The Prayer Boat home pages
Official site for the Irish band.
Roddy's Irish Music Show: The Prayer Boat
Interview with Emmett Tinley.
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