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Primal Scream

Carling Homecoming: Primal Scream
Review and video clips from an April 2003 performance at The Garage in Glasgow.
Fluid Pop: Primal Scream
Concert pictures, reviews and links.
Higher than the sun
Unofficial Primal Scream homepage including pictures, discography, articles, mailing list, message board, guestbook, live reviews, record reviews, sounds, links...
An unofficial Primal Scream website.
Metacritic: XTRMNTR
Links to several reviews of the album. Primal Scream.
News, reviews, features, discography, e-cards, pictures and links from the British music magazine.
Official US Primal Scream.
Current official website for the US. Operated by Sony/Epic Records.
Review of Exterminator.
Primal Scream - (Old) Official US Site
Not updated since Vanishing Point. Primal Scream are no longer signed to Reprise Records.
Primal Scream : xtrmntr - (Old)Official US site
The Official US website at Astralwerks. Astralwerks is a former label.
Primal Scream LiveJournal community
Primal Scream discussion at - The Official Primal Scream website.
Site done entirely in Flash.
Features Primal Scream guitar tablature and lyrics; fairly complete in regards to the former. Primal Scream
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, and message board.
This is Primal Scream
An unofficial band website. No longer updated.
One of the first unofficial Primal Scream websites.
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