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The Promise Ring

The Promise Ring Online
Official site. Discography, FAQ, audio and video clips, e-cards, and press releases. The Promise Ring
Biography and history of the band. Also features discography and MP3 samples.
iMusic Indie Showcase: Promise Ring
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album info, and bulletin board.
Outer Sound: In Review: The Promise Ring
Favorable review of Nothing Feels Good by Jon Carson.
Pitchfork: Promise Ring: Electric Pink EP
Mostly unfavorable review by Brent DiCrescenzo.
Pitchfork: The Promise Ring: Nothing Feels Good
Review by Nick Mirov, giving the release an 8.6 out of 10.
PopMatters: The Promise Ring: Electric Pink EP
Review by Erin Hucke, calling the album 'mediocre.'
PopMatters: The Promise Ring, Very Emergency
Review by Justin Stranzlrating, giving the release a 9.6 out of 10.
Interview by Chip Midnight with vocalist/guitarist Davey van Bohlen, guitarist Jason Gnewikow, and drummer Dan Didier. The Promise Ring
Interview with the band. (April 5, 1999)
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