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Official site with news, fan club information, discography, videos and audio. [Requires Flash]
Fan art, links, photo gallery, concert pictures and Athens sightseeing. Incorporates material from Talk About the Passion and Star69.
Automatic Baby: R.E.M. and U2 Website
News, pictures, album, video and tour information, lyrics and links.
BBC News: R.E.M. Star Cleared of Air Rage Attack
Article on the verdict in Peter Buck's trial.
History, information, discography, random lyrics generator and tests.
File Under R.E.M.
News, lyrics, publicity archive and gallery of concert, press and other photographs. R.E.M.
Collection of guitar tablature and chords.
Launch: R.E.M.
Biography, discography, concert and album reviews and articles.
The Ocean Flower Aquarium
News, chat and forum; RealAudio clips, biographies, discography and lyrics, reviews and games. Frequently Asked Questions
Collection of basic information and questions culled from the MURMUR-L mailing list and Usenet group.
R.E.M. Collector's Guide
Fan site devoted to the music and life of the group. Features discography, lyrics, tablatures and links.
R.E.M. is On
News, biography, discography, chords, pictures, chat and marketplace.
R.E.M. Rock
Lyrics, photographs, articles, reviews and wallpapers.
R.E.M. Timeline
Concert chronology with setlists dating from 1980 to the present.
Established by a private collector and fan in 1999. Includes timeline, biography, lyrics, photographs, downloads, guestbook and host information. R.E.M.
Biography, discography/album reviews, links, photographs, trivia and message board.
Sweetness Follows
News, discography and forum.
Tour 2003 - Artwork
Free tour artwork available for personal download from the 2003 European tour.
Toys in the Attic
Discography, song database, personal collection and trading list.
The Ultimate R.E.M.
History, discography, lyrics, MIDI files and picture gallery. [Portuguese mirror.] R.E.M.
Album reviews, news, biography, discography, links and bulletin board.
R.E.M. Web
List of sites in the webring.
R.E.M. WebRing
Ring of fan sites, chat room and forum.
R.E.M. Lyric Annotations FAQ
Song lyrics with accompanying notes.
R.E.M. Lyrics and Downloads
Collection of lyrics organized by album, as well as songs in Windows Media format.
Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews: R.E.M.
Ratings and analyses of the band's albums. R.E.M. Concert Photographs
Photographs and reviews of two Scottish concerts.
Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews: R.E.M.
Reviews of 11 albums as well as one by the R.E.M. side project Hindu Love Gods.
Based in the UK. Biographies, pictures and dates.
The Unofficial Bill Berry Website
Fan site for R.E.M.'s former drummer contains a biography, articles and pictures.
Hello Goodbye: Bill Berry and R.E.M.
Vox Magazine interview in which Berry discusses his decision to leave the band. (January, 1998)
Organization Intended to Catapult Mike Mills into Musical History
Membership information, chat room, links and biography. Michael Stipe
Biography, news and filmography.
John Michael Stipe - In the Spotlight
Pictures of and by the musician, articles, quotes and links.
Where in the World is Michael Stipe?
Discography, biography and timeline for R.E.M. and its frontman.
News, lyrics, and community with discussion and chat.
Message forum.
R.E.M. Fans
Unmoderated discussion list for fans; public archives.
R.E.M. Link Archive
Links to sites on the band and individual members, as well as pictures from a 1982 concert. Automatic for the People by R.E.M.
Larry G.'s review: 'probably R.E.M.'s most beautiful record.' 4 out of 4 stars.
Ink Blot Magazine: R.E.M - Automatic for the People
Review by Pierre Stefanos: 'R.E.M.'s finest moment'. Notes and related artists.
Nude as the News: Automatic for the People
Troy Carpenter's review: 'arguably the finest album of R.E.M.'s extensive career'. Rated 9.5.
Teen Ink: Automatic for the People
Adam G.'s review: 'A strong step beyond 'Out of Time,' and hopefully a look at a strong future for R.E.M.'
Ink Blot Magazine - R.E.M.: Fables of the Reconstruction
Matt Cibula's review: 'Everyone's forgotten 'Fables' now, just like they didn't get it then, but it's a wonderful album that set this great band on their brave path.' Links to related albums and artists. R.E.M., Fables of the Reconstruction
Parke Puterbaugh's review: 'Listening to 'Fables of the Reconstruction' is like waking up in a menacing yet wonderful world underneath the one we're familiar with.' 4 out of 5 stars.
Ink Blot Magazine: Life's Rich Pageant
Pierre Stefanos' review: '...a great example of socially conscious pop-ified rock, Southern/country/folk influences included.'
CMJ: Life's Rich Pageant
Jeff Tamarkin's review: 'Is it enough to say that R.E.M. has outdone itself? Or does it have to be added that it's not only their most consistently brilliant work but one of the great rock 'n' roll albums of the decade?' (August 1, 1986) - R.E.M: Monster
Larry G.'s review: 'Probably their best of the 90's, a great band showing they know how to rock.' 4 out of 4 stars.
Larry G.'s review: '...a simple, sometimes beautiful work but it generally lacks the energy and virtuousity of their classic works.' Rated 2.5 stars out of 4.
Muse: REM - Up
Jim Carroll's review: ' album which will creep up on your blind side and just become a part of your life.' RealAudio samples.
Pitchfork: R.E.M - Up
Duane Ambroz's review: 'R.E.M. proves that they're doomed to wandering the creative seas, looking for new sounds to explore.' Rated 6.1.
Lee Thould's review: 'This is probably one of R.E.M.'s best albums out.' Includes track listing and partial discography. R.E.M. - Murmur
Douglas Wolk's review: 'Peter Buck's chinging guitar, Michael Stipe's impassioned but incomprehensible singing, and the band's unpretentious interaction with its audience were genuinely revolutionary at the time.'
Barefoot Jim's Review: R.E.M. - Murmur
Jim Connelly's review: 'A hypnotic, dreamy trip into ringing guitars, driving drums and exquisite harmonies that is at once beautiful and powerful.'
Nude as the News: Murmur
Troy Carpenter's review: 'This enigmatic but beautiful record doesn't really define a time period or make any obvious political statements. It merely stands as a finely-crafted piece of music, one of those albums that stands never to lose its magic.' Rati Review: R.E.M., Murmur
Steve Pond's review: 'What they're saying is less fascinating than how they say it, and Murmur's indelible appeal results from its less elusive charms.' Rated 4 stars.
New Adventures in Hi-Fi: Pitchfork Review
Ryan Schreiber's review: '... like blending all the different styles R.E.M. ever pursued into one solid state.' Rated 9.5 out of 10.
Nude as the News
Troy Carpenter's review: 'a hodgepodge of songs that are for the most part truly new adventures for R.E.M.' Rated 6.5.
Terry Staunton's review: 'easily their most eclectic and wildly inspired album yet, although it is still very identifiably REM - a brand new book from a familiar author.' Rated 10/10.
Nude as the News: Out of Time
Troy Carpenter's review: 'R.E.M. finally showed its age, but did so with grace.' Rated 8.5.
Parke Puterbaugh's review: 'Yes, it's a departure, but no, it's not so radical a departure that it is unrecognizable as R.E.M.' 4 stars.
Nude as the News: Reckoning
Troy Carpenter's review: 'While 'Reckoning' may not be quite as varied or accomplished as the band's debut, it illustrates - at a still-early point in the band's career - R.E.M.'s ability to excel in a variety of musical styles.' Rated 8.5 out of 10.
CMJ New Music Report
'More natural and less produced, sounding more like R.E.M. does live.' (April 9, 1984) Reveal
Dave Brosha's review: 'This album is strangely counter-rock, filled with flighty, drawn-out numbers and sweeping combinations of dreamy fact and fiction.'
Multiple critic and user reviews for 'Reveal.' Metascore of 69. Reveal
John Murphy's review: 'While it doesn't quite make instant classic status as 'Automatic' did, it will certainly please fans who have been eager for a return to form like this for some time.'
PopMatters: Reveal
Nicholas Taylor's review: 'Better than most other current pop rock albums, but it's not what an R.E.M. album used to be.'
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