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At Ease
News, extensive discography, lyrics, tour dates, pictures, audio and video clips, archives of the official site, and a large forum.
Freeform official site includes a message board, pictures, and music videos.
Hollywood and Vine: Radiohead
Capitol's official page for album promotion.
Newgrounds Presents: Radiohead
Fan-made animated music videos in Flash.
Essayist Joseph Tate tracks down and logs references to art and culture in Radiohead's art and music.
Radiohead CDs
Discography with track listings, release information, and cover art. [Requires Flash]
Radiohead News:
News about Radiohead continually updated from around the net.
Radiohead TV
Promotional site for the album 'Hail to the Thief' featuring video clips and music videos.
Talk in Maths
Frequently asked questions for the Radiohead mailing list and newsgroup. Hail to the Mischief Makers
Wannabe Hollywood stars looking for their big break are being fooled by a secret poster campaign to promote the new Radiohead album. (April 29, 2003) Radiohead at South Park, Oxford
Review of the Radiohead festival, July 2001, also featuring Beck, Supergrass, Sigur Ros and Humphrey Lyttleton. (July 7, 2001)
Then It Must Be True: Phil Selway Interview
Interview with live photographs. (June, 2001)
NY Rock: They're Not So Angst-ridden Once You Get to Know Them
NY Rock freelancer Gabriella talks with Radiohead about their new music. (December, 2000)
Guardian Unlimited Observer Interview: Radiohead
Retrospective about the band and an interview with Johnny and Colin Greenwood. (October 1, 2000)
The Big Takeover: Radiohead Interview
Interview with Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood about OK Computer. (1997)
The Colin Appreciation and Reverence Society. Includes a biography, image gallery, tablature, fan club, 'fun stuff' and links.
Pictures, interviews, downloads, forum, and general obsession about Radiohead's guitarist, Ed O'Brien.
Happy Thom
Biography, quotes, and pictures of Thom Yorke actually looking happy. [Requires Flash]
The National Anthem - A Tribute To Colin Greenwood
Includes a fan club, vital statistics, pictures, articles, quotes, tablature and gear.
Nobody Does It Better Than Jonny Greenwood
Fansite including news, biography, pictures and an equipment list.
The Rabbit in the Headlights
Pictures and fan art of Thom Yorke.
T.H.O.M Fanclub
Includes interviews, and multimedia dedicated to Thom Yorke.
Tourist (Immerse your Soul in Jonny Greenwood)
Includes a biography, photographs, mailing list and fan club.
Bandlink Music Forums: Radiohead
Discussion about the band. Message Board
Official board where band members and staff occasionally post.
Trans-Atlantic Brawl
Radiohead newsgroup information, tips for newbies, and profiles of regulars.
Provides profiles, photos, and events calendar for regulars of the official message board.
Yahoo Groups: 18576397
Radiohead fan club.
Radiohead Discography and Gigography
Guide to the releases, merchandise and appearances of the band.
Radiohead Ross
Includes news and a hidden guide to OK Computer.
Radiohead Song Lyrics Source
Lyrics arranged by album.
Rain Down Industries
News, downloads, history, gallery, poll, links, streaming radio station, question and answer section, album reviews, things to do and a tour page.
Release Me
Band information, lyrics of official and unreleased songs, tablature, and downloads.
Soul Immersion
Profiles of band members, interviews, lyrics, pictures, and downloads.
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Biography, photographs, interviews, discography, lyrics, tablature, gigography and links.
Television Foot
Band information, lyrics, album information, pictures, and artwork.
Pictures, tablature, news, links to articles, lyrics, and archives of Ed O'Brien's web journal.
We Hope That You Choke
Lyrics, pictures, guitar tablature and links.
BBC: Oxford: Radiohead
Album reviews by fans, live pictures from the South Park gig, and an interview with Phil Selway.
Climbing Up The Walls
Frequently updated news on Radiohead's appearances and activities, reviews of new, unreleased songs, a free-for-all message board, and a mailing list for Australian fans.
DotMusic: Radiohead
News and album reviews with audio clips.
Follow Me Around
News, lyrics, merchandise, gigography, unreleased tracks, and trade.
Green Plastic
Includes news, band history, tour dates, discography, lyrics and song interpretations, multimedia, image gallery, chronology, gigography, articles, gear, tablature, and artwork.
More Productive
News, band information, photos, chat and message boards, lyrics, and downloads.
VH1: Radiohead
Includes album reviews, news, audio downloads, biography, discography and bulletin board.
Adrian's Album Reviews : Radiohead
A fan provides short reviews, ratings and album track listings.
Coldbacon Radiohead Reviews
Reviews of several albums including 'Amnesiac' and 'OK Computer.'
Jack Feeny Reviews: Radiohead
Reviews of the albums with reader comments.
NME: Radiohead Reviews
NME's archive of Radiohead-related album and concert reviews, a band history, and image gallery.
The Onion A.V. Club: Meeting People Is Easy
''Meeting People Is Easy' is ultimately just more product, with the band doing its best to ignore the fact that even as it confesses its complaints to the camera, it's still selling itself.' Review of the film.
Radiohead Reviews
Includes links to reviews of albums, singles, and reviews by a variety of publications.
DooYoo: Immerse Your Soul In Love
Review of 'The Bends.' (1995)
About Guitar: Accurate Kid A Tabs
Detailed tablatures of the entire 'Kid A' album for guitar. Radiohead Tablatures
Tablatures indexed alphabetically by song title. Radiohead Tablature Page
Guitar tablature and chords.
Radiohead for the Pianoforte
Hand-transcribed piano sheet music for various Radiohead songs in standard notational format.
1=2 Radiohead Guitar Tablature
Tablature and chords for guitar and bass tablature. Includes lyrics and b-sides.
Radiohead Tab Archive
Tablatures to all of Radiohead's albums, including many rare songs.
Pirate Radiohead
History, pictures, and gig guide for the Kent, UK-based tribute band.
True Love Waits
Radiohead songs re-imagined for solo piano by classical pianist Christopher O'Riley. Contains links to audio clips. [Requires Flash]
Download Radiohead
A directory of web sites and FTP servers to help fans find downloads.
I Heart New York: Xicons
Downloadable Radiohead icons for Macintosh.
Injektilo FTP
Information on accessing an FTP server with live MP3s.
Morning Bell
Features original wallpaper, icons, sounds, fonts, and screen savers.
Site dedicated to the visual side of the band. Includes artwork, videography, photography and downloads such as fonts, screensavers and wallpapers.
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Tour notes and 'Photographing Radiohead is Easy,' a collection of fan photographs.
Come On Kids
News, pictures, contests, fan art, multimedia, lyrics and links.
Lighthearted mockery of the band's fashion disasters.
Features band information, a biography, discography, lyrics, artwork, and tablatures.
Radiohead downloads, lyrics, and links.
Drooling Looney Tunes
Album information, news, lyrics and interpretation from Kid A, Amnesiac, and I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings.
Contains lyrics, guitar tab/chords, midi files, articles, pictures and a guestbook.
Social and political interpretations of Radiohead's songs. Also includes album scans, artwork and videos.
Album artwork, lyric interpretations, lyrics, drawings, blips, and interviews.
Just Radiohead
Fan site in English and Italian with fan club and fanzine, tour dates, tablature, links to streaming interviews, discography, and profiles of charities the band has supported.
Karma Police
Band member profiles, pictures, and tablature. [In Portuguese and English; requires Flash]
Karma Police
News, pictures, lyrics, tablature, and biographies.
Kid A: Amnesiac Studio
Includes news, biography, discography, gigography, videography, audio downloads, pictures, lyrics and links.
Live audio shows, downloads, and a song database.
Look at the Sky
News, lyrics, and downloads.
The Mongrel Cat
Discography, lyrics, biographies, and album art.
The Village Voice: Sounds Like Music
'Amnesiac illuminates what Radiohead are now, and will likely be for a long time: an evasive, willfully experimental rock band who feel uncomfortable in their own skins.' R.J. Smith reviews 'Amnesiac.' (June 25, 2001)
Dotmusic: Amnesiac
'...Often ugly as it is beautiful, and as often pompous or irrelevant as it is profound.' David Kelly gives the album 8 out of 10. (June, 2001)
Metacritic: Amnesiac
Links to several reviews of the album. (June, 2001) Amnesiac
Track-by-track review of the album. (June, 2001)
Pitchfork Review: Amnesiac
''Amnesiac' is about as close to 'The Bends' as Miss Cleo is to Jamaican.' Ryan Schreiber gives the album 9.0 out of 10. (June, 2001)
PopMatters: Recovering the Memory of Pop - Radiohead's 'Amnesiac'
The hell of 'Amnesiac' is the fear of becoming just another cog in the corporate machine. (June, 2001)
Utter Music: Amnesiac
Review of the album with audio clips of three songs. (June, 2001) Amnesiac
Jason Thornberry's negative review of the album. (2001)
Linenoise: Hail to the Thief
Speculative review of the album, based on a handful of advance tracks. (April 27, 2003)
Daddy Monkey: Hail to the Thief
Short review of the bootleged version leaked two months before the official release date. (April 9, 2003)
Pitchfork Reviews: I Might Be Wrong
Review by Matt LeMay. (December, 2001)
PopMatters Music Review: I Might Be Wrong
Review by Nicholas Taylor. (December, 2001)
NME: Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong
Ted Kessler's review of the album. (November 6, 2001)
Harmony Central: Kid A
David Sprague's review of the album. (October 3, 2000)
Flak Magazine: Kid A
'What Radiohead is trying to accomplish is what the Beatles and to a larger extent Pink Floyd did in the late '60s, which is to explore new areas for their music.' Album review. (October, 2000)
Metacritic: "Kid A"
Multiple critic and user reviews. (October, 2000) Kid A
Review of the album. (October, 2000)
Pitchfork Media: Kid A
'Comparing this to other albums is like comparing an aquarium to blue construction paper.' Brent DiCrescenzo review Kid A. (October, 2000)
The Shrubbery: Kid A
Robert Brandt's review. (October, 2000)
The Tech: Kid A
Dan Katz's review of the album. (October, 2000) Kid A
Jordan Hoffman's review, and reader comments. (2000) Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Reviews of the album.
Ink Blot Magazine: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Jesse's review with notes and links. Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Bill Aicher's review.
Pitchfork: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Ryan Schreiber's review.
Signal to Noise: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Chris Costello's review. Radiohead's "OK Computer"
Nick Bendel's review.
Ground and Sky: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Collection of three reviews of the album. Includes track list and related links. (September 18, 2000)
MSOE Ingenium: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Jeremy Vechinski's review. (September 4, 1997)
Drop-D Magazine: Radiohead - "OK Computer"
Darren Kerr's review with audio clips. (July 12, 1997)
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