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Official English site. Discography, specials, information on the date and location of new Rammstein concerts, and a restricted access fan area.
Almost Rammstein
Australian flash based site with tours, lyrics, translations, quiz, jukebox and pictures.
Area 51
English translations of the songs on the 'Mutter' Album.
Bass Tabs
Collection of tabs for the industrial rock band.
Breadman's Rammstein Site
Fan page with lyrics, biography, discography, pictures and download section.
Coondog & BingoBeer's Rammstein
Lyrics, MP3 downloads, tablatures, videos, midi, newsletter, chatroom and forum.
Darkseed's Rammstein Page
Pictures, full discography, MP3s, biographies, myths, and font, icon, and logo downloads.
Den's Rammstein page
Russian fan site. About a band, discography, lyrics, pictures and chat.
Doktor Rammstein's surgery
Pictures, history, webrings, and a section on the Columbine killings.
Ender's Rammstein
Features history, albums, discography, news, chat, pictures, lyrics, releases, and downloads.
FyreEngel's Rammstein site
Band information, discography, and voting.
Lyrics, video clips, articles, pictures, tour schedule, show reviews, guitar tablature, a discography, forums, and free e-mail.
Music Song Lyrics
Lyrics sorted by albums.
Paul Shrine 2002
Tribute to Rammstein guitarist Paul Landers with photographs, news, observations, polls, sounds, and a biography.
Polish Rammstein Site
Discography, band members, lyrics, photographs, interviews, press articles, fan list, news and MP3s.
PTR's Rammstein Page
Fan site with band history, discography, pictures, audio and video clips.
Site includes pictures of band and individual member, biography, guestbook and a number of articles related to the band.
Site includes Rammstein galleries, and Till Lindemann gallery, with biography, and poetry.
Rammstein EZBoard
A place to gather and discuss the band with other fans!
Rammstein FanSite
Features news, lyrics, discography, MP3s, photos, concert reviews, and a store.
Rammstein Legend
Rammstein news and lyrics.
Rammstein music
Universal Records. Inforamations about tours and news.
Rammstein New Zealand
Site features downloads, lyrics, wallpaper, e-cards, forum, pictures, discography, shop .
Rammstein NicCage's Rammstein Site
Lyrics in English and German, pictures of the band members, and links.
Rammstein Picture Gallery
Pictures of the band.
Rammstein Place
Fan page with news flash, pictures, music, forum, chat.
Rammstein's Feuermeister
Rammstein site with MP3, video, biography, discography, forum, and chat.
Rare CDs, translater, lyrics, free Nokia ringtones, and live photos at Manchester.
Roberts Rammstein Web
Lyrics, tablatures, cocktails, downloads, news, forum, chat, and links. In German and English. Rammstein
Biography, photo gallery, discography with album ratings, trivia quiz, and a message board.
A small Rammstein shrine with good and lyrics in German and English language.
Information about the band, and especially about the singer. Gifs, stories, biography, Cd's, pictures, and the latest news.
Totes Fleisch
Dates, pictures, audio and video download.
Unofficial Rammstein Fan Site
News, biography, pictures, lyrics, concerts and downloads.
VH1: Rammstein
Album reviews, news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin board.
What Would Till Do
Offers interviews and conversations with Till, pictures, and other fan links.
Audio Revolution: Rammstein - Mutter
Jerry Del Colliano's review: 'It is recorded exceedingly well, considering its genre and the other similar records currently on record store shelves.' Rammstein - Mutter
Pat Blashill's review: 'The band supersizes the pathos that lurks in the heart of metal music and seizes on a theme: the love that burns, the hate that heals.' Rated 3.5 stars. (April 26, 2001)
The Michigan Daily Online: Rammstein CD Delivers Anti-Valentine
Ted Watts' review: 'the music is interesting, especially the keyboards, but it can get on your nerves.' 3 stars.
Pitchfork: Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Brent Dicrescenzo's review: 'Musically, Rammstein is essentially Marilyn Manson with early '80s production techniques.' Rated 2.9, with audio clips.
Luna Kafé E-Zine: Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Lonely Locke's review: 'Stylistically Rammstein's sound is a mixture of heavy metal riffs and modern electronic production methods.' (September 16, 1997)
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