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Article and interview by Desmond, conducted for in 1995. The first website on Rapoon, with a few AIFF samples, pictures, and pre-1996 discography.
Rapoon / Robin Storey
The official site, including discography, articles and interviews, CD reviews, the visual art of Robin Storey, and photos.
Rapoon Interview
Sonic Boom interview by Jester, from April, 1998. Includes information on Zoviet France and the art of Robin Storey.
Rapoon: The Fires of the Borderlands
Spiderbytes review of this Rapoon CD from 1998.
Sonic Foundry Loops for ACID: Rapoon
Information on a collection of Rapoon sounds for the ACID music creation environment (Windows 98 and later only). Includes samples in mp3, RealAudio, and Windows Media formats.
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