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Consuela's Rasputina Site
MP3s, news, interactive discography, photographs, links, message board, biographies.
Fire In the Alcove
Biography, discography, promos, pictures (including from the Conan O'Brien appearance) and a log with creative works.
The Goths
Band information, news, a FAQ, articles, interviews, reviews, lyrics, discography, pictures, tour dates, concert reviews and set lists, and an exclusive interview.
H2SO4: Rasputina
Review of the album 'How We Quit the Forest'.
The Ladies' Cello Society Fansite
Tour dates, news, album information, covers and track lists, pictures from the Conan O'Brien performance, promos, and information on 'The Third Chairs.'
Morbid Outlook
Ten questions with Melora Creager
The Olde Rasputina Page
A few pictures.
Porcy and Melly's Rasputina Page
Photographs, merchandise art, discography, biography, interviews, articles, links, lyrics
Discography and links
Fan tribute containing biographies, images, and lyrics.
Small Places
Discography and information on the cover songs Rasputina has played.
The Village of Birkenau
Lyrics and discography including rarities and bootlegs.
Interview with Melora Creager. (February 28, 1997)
Unit Circle
Interview with Melora Creager. (September 18, 1996)
Any Olde Actresses
Mailing list hosted by Yahoo Groups.
Candy Kisses
Mailing list hosted by Yahoo Groups for the discussion of the bands Switchblade Symphony and Rasputina.
New Zero
'Rasputina Family' mailing list member information, FAQs, subscription, and links.
Traveling Ladies Cello Society
A Yahoo Club for fans.
For the Love of Rasputina
List of sites in the webring.
A Touch of Raspberry
Information on joining the ring.
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