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Leon Redbone

Leon Redbone
The performer's home page. Bulletin board, tour schedule, discography, links to booking agency and online CD sales.
Leon Redbone Biography/Discography
Self-described ersatz biographical information with real discography compiled by fan Vince Wilding.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: For Leon, It's All About Character
Calls the artist a man of mystery who hides in plain sight.
The Mystery Man Who Fell To Earth
Brief article by Brian Andrew Marek describes songs and humor from a January 1998 show at Sheldon Concert Hall.
Night Eagle Cafe: Leon Redbone
Article from acoustic music cafe in Oxford, New York calls him the Friedrich Nietzsche of popular music, mentions connections to Bob Dylan and Saturday Night Live.
Advance-Titan: Who is Leon Redbone?
Article from campus newspaper at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh quotes him on his musical philosophy.
Any Time
Review of album dated October 2001 calls it a collection of thirteen jazz standards.
Blue Thumb Records: Leon Redbone
Official Blue Thumb Records site. Includes tour dates, soundclips, and label discography.
Christmas Island
Cover photo and link to online sales of the artist's Christmas album.
Creative Loafing: Leon Redbone's Niche
Article from Atlanta magazine dated September 2000 quotes the performer extensively. 'I'm not interested in speaking about my private life with anybody, mainly because I consider my life to be on sacred ground as far as that goes...'
Elektra Records: Leon Redbone
Label page for the 1981 album entitled 'Branch to Branch.' Track list.
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