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The Replacements

True Romance: The Bittersweet Legacy of the Replacements
Review of the 'All for Nothing/Nothing for All' compilation album from The Boston Phoenix. (November 6, 1997)
Lynnster's Replacements Page
Fan site features a long reminiscence about the band, with some quotes and news too.
The Replacements
MP3 files of rare material.
The Replacements
Discography with sound files, early live video, and pictures, from Twin-Tone Records.
The Replacements Misheard Lyrics Page
Devoted to misheard lyrics, stories and alternative live lyrics. Replacements
Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, and message boards.
The Skyway: The Replacements Mailing List
Subscription information, plus an archive including chords, discography, FAQ, lyrics, pictures, known recorded shows and set lists.
The Replacements: All For Nothing/Nothing For All
Review of the compilation album, from TransAction magazine. (July, 1998)
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