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The band's official site. With news, biography, discography, image gallery, and a Winamp skin.
Republica Fan Portal
Includes biography, discography, multimedia clips, lyrics, pictures, FAQ, mailing list, and links.
Republica Luxury Cage
Fan site with lyrics (incl. B-sides), numerous audio and video clips, and picture gallery.
Republica: The Greatest British Band
Fan site with pictures, lyrics, remixes, and a couple of sound and video clips.
News-oriented site with message board, mailing list, discography, biography, pictures, and links.
Republica's Unofficial Fan Page
Includes a picture gallery, biographical information, lyrics, and links.
Riot in Republica
Comprehensive fan site with a huge collection of MP3s and a section on rare tracks and cover versions. Republica
Includes biography, discography, reviews and a small photo gallery.
Photos of Saffron from Republica.
The Ultimate Rush
Fan site containing news, biography, discography, lyrics, images, and downloadable media.
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