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The Residents

Interzones: The Residents
Interview by Larry Kay with Hardy Fox from 1995.
The Moles Present The Residents
Large archive of great information about the multi-media band from a group of European fans.
Ralph America
Independent record label long associated with The Residents.
Residents and Ralph Records Online Audio-visual Resource
Discography for the Residents, Snakefinger and other Ralph artists.
Residents Discussion SmartGroup
A mailing list and discussion board maintained by the Moles.
The Residents Reviews and Interviews
Reviews of some recent recordings and shows, and an interview with Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation.
RzWeb: A Guide to the Works of The Residents
The official unofficial guide to the works of the anonymous award-winning multi-media art group from San Francisco.
Smelly Tongues
Internet discussion group and unnoffical fan club for The Residents.
Fansite for Snakefinger, guitarist for The Residents, including biography, MP3s, message board, and chatroom.
The Mick Sinclair Archive: The Residents
Review of the album Mark of the Mole published in 'Sounds.' 'Just another Residents album.' (September, 1981)
Fake The Residents
Japanese tribute band offers RealAudio.
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