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Cliff Richard

Randal Sheppard's Cliff Richard Page
The first Cliff Richard site on the Web, and a highly comprehensive information resource for this artist.
Cliff Richard
The official website by the Cliff Richard Organisation.
The Cliff Richard Corner
From Denmark, with news, photos, tourdates and chat in Danish and English.
Humour site 'cloning' Cliff Richard.
Daniel's Sir Cliff site from Perth, Western Australia
A multi-faceted fan site distinctive for its focus on Cliff as a Christian. In addition to the usual lyrics, reviews and links, also featured are unique postcards and even restaurant reviews.
Drest's Homepage
From Denmark, featuring a biography, discography and web ring.
Fan Club of London and Surrey
News, articles, quizzes, fan club listings, and discography.
Ian Samwell
The man who wrote 'Move It,' and nine more of Cliff Richard's early hits.
International Cliff Richard Movement
Information site on worldwide affiliated Cliff Richard fan clubs.
Minnesota Meeting House
Meeting point for fans.
Oh Boy!
A groundbreaking British pop music TV show from 1958-59 whose producer, Jack Good, is often credited with polishing Cliff's early performances and with pushing 'Move It' to the A side of Cliff's first single. Site includes well researched history, unique
Pat Irons US Page
Pat was an energetic American fan right up until her untimely death in 1999. Sally Coltzau from Australia is maintaining the pages Pat created.
Photos by Dagmar Scherf
A collection of some 800 images of Cliff Richard taken from concerts, television, the theater and more by this German photographer.
Pia's Page
An extensive fan site.
Record Collectors Guide
John Panteny's definitive discography of UK releases.
Somepeoples Cliff Page
An enthusiastic fan from the UK with more unique photos.
Vibekes Cliff Richard Page
A Danish fan site with original photos.
William's Cliff Chart Site
The definitive site for Cliff's chart facts and figures.
From well known fan Greet Eberhard.
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