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Jonathan Richman

The Abominable Lesbian Vampire Cappuccino Bar in Cyberspace
Tour information, mailing lists, and links.
Artist Direct: Jonathan Richman
Links, forum, tour dates, and discography.
Boston Rock Storybook
Biography and interviews.
Download Recordings: Jonathan Richman
Video clips.
Early Jojo/Lovers Sessionography
Information on the early recording sessions of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers.
If I Were A Richman
Tribute CD released by Wampus Records.
Jerry Harrison
Includes information about The Modern Lovers.
Jojo Loves Salad
Spoof discography and articles.
Jonathan Richman Covers
Detailed list of covers versions.
The Jonathan Richman Project
Hobby archive of the 1991 non-profit fan-zine.
Live Lovers Scorecard
Details of tracks on the various early Modern Lovers live releases.
The Maureen 'Moe' Tucker Web Page
Includes a short article written by Jonathan Richman.
The Modern Lovers
History, recording sessions, discography, and links.
Mr. Hollywood On-Line's Jonathan Richman Page
Includes concert photos.
Ready-Steady-Go: Jonathan Richman
Biography and discography.
Rockin Leprechauns
Yahoo group with forum, photographs, news, and links.
Rolling Stone: Jonathan Richman
Biography, photographs, discography, audio, videos, trivia, message board, and links.
Rounder Records Catalog
Record company discography and sound files.
A Sign From God
Details of film featuring a score by Jonathan Richman.
Simes' Jonathan Richman Pages
Detailed discography, bibliography, filmography, news, and forum.
Stokage: Jonathan Richman
Biography, interview, and audio clips.
Twin/Tone Records
Brief biography and photographs.
Vapor Records
Biography, audio, video, and news.
VH1: Jonathan Richman
With biography, news, videos, tour dates, links, and reviews.
Jonathan Richman Sez
Flagpole Magazine article including excerpts from appearance on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. (February 23, 2000)
Weekly Alibi: Jonathan Richman
Listing for forthcoming concert. (February 10, 2000)
Luna Kafé Interview
A brief interview with Jonathan Richman. (March 31, 1999)
On the Road with Jonathan Richman
Audio interview. (October 24, 1998)
Something About Jonathan
Article and short interview from SF Weekly. (August 12, 1998)
Appetite for Affection
Article about pop music and food featuring Jonathan Richman. (March 28, 1997)
Salon: You Can't Talk to the Dude
A non-interview by Josh Kornbluth. (December 16, 1996)
Jonathan Richman Bringing Band, New Album to Athens
Article by Julie Phillips. (November 17, 1996)
Tucson Weekly: Jonathan Richman
Article detailing forthcoming concert. (November 7, 1996)
Minstrel of Sincerity
Article by Sam Hurwitt. (September 16, 1996)
Punk Godfather
Soundbites article detailing upcoming concert. (February 8, 1996)
Jonathan Richman Close To Recording Deal With Vapor
Article in The San Francisco Chronicle. (December 10, 1995)
A Looney's Tune
Article about Jonathan Richman's first record label. (August 14, 1978)
The Cult of Jonathan Richman
1996 concert review.
Jonathan Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews
Reviews of a number of Jonathan Richman records.
Pitchfork Review: I'm So Confused
Album review by Shan Fowler.
RAD Concert Review: Jonathan Richman
Review of 1995 concert.
Surrender Now
Review of Surrender To Jonathan by Kembrew McLeod.
The Yale Herald: Jonathan Richman's I'm So Confused
Review of I'm So Confused. (December 4, 1998)
Entertainment Ave: Jonathan Richman
Review of a concert at Lounge Ax in Chicago, Illinois. (October 3, 1996)
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