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Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records Group: The Rock Bottom Remainders||Label site with history, news, images and merchandise information. |Rock_Bottom_Remainders_The Rock Bottom Remainders||Offi
Fictional Rush fan discounts his bicycle trek across Africa in a group which included Rush drummer Neil Peart.
Virtual Songs
Rare Rush recordings in MP3 format.
The Rush Ring.
Entertainment Ave: Rush
Review of a concert at The United Center in Chicago, Illinois. (October 28, 1996)
Rush online forum. Interview with Donna Halper, DJ who 'discovered' the band, links.
Dragon's Dungeon Rush Forum
Rush discussion forum. Requires membership.
Driven To Tribute Rush
Latest Rush News, Album Info, Message Boards and links.
Driven To Tribute Rush
Rush discussion forum, topics divided into eras.
The Red Sector
Rush discussion board. Trivia quizzes.
ROL Message Board
Rush message board.
The Rush Chronicles
Rush discussion forum. Requires membership.
Subdivisions Rush Online
Yahoo group for Rush fans.
Weird City
Rush discussion board. Find rare Rush memorabilia.
All the World's a Stage: A Rush Fansite
Fansite containing photographs, discography, lyrics, and biographies.
Big Al's Fan Club
Fan club dedicated to Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.
News, message boards, member biographies, sound files, videos, album rating polls, and photographs.
Cygnus X-1
Site dedicated to the Toronto Power Trio - Rush. Discography, lyrics, screensavers, chat room.
Echoes of Old Applause
Concert and other photographs, concert diary, Rush cover bands.
Exit Stage Left
Tour information and forums.
Higgys Rush Fan Site
Rush fan site with news, a history of the band and its members and photos.
Horizon to Horizon
Rush tribute website with: biographical information, complete album list with critiques, guide to other Rush sites, interview transcripts and song parodies.
Mystic Rhythms - The Swedish Fan Site
A tribute to the band by Adam Lundberg - Falun - Sweden
Neil Peart
Articles, book reviews, photos and links about drummer Neil Peart.
Site includes many website links, photos, music tabulatures and other information about the band.
One of a Kind Rush Pics
Rush pictures taken by a fan in Milwaukee during the 1997 tour.
The Permanent Rush Page
Rush resource page including Rush MP3s, chat room, MIDIs, FAQs, parodies, pictures. Member of the new Rush Co-Operative. Loads slowly.
Rush tribute band based in Brasilia, Brazil
Rush Hour
Long Island, NY based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
Buffalo Based Rush tribute. Consists of 3 members all under the age of 24.
UK based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
Syrinx Rush Cover
Brazilian Rush tribute band with five members. (Last update 1/2001)
Test 4 Echo
Vancouver B.C. based Rush tribute band. Consists of 4 members. (Last update 10/2002. Looking for drummer)
Vital Signs
Seattle, WA based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
Toronto based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
U.K based Rush tribute band. Consists of 4 members. (Last show 3/2001) Rush Tablature Page
Rush guitar and bass tablature or chords files.
Rush Tablature Project
Archive of tablature for Rush songs.
Tony's Rush Tabs
Tablature for Rush songs.
Puanani's Tale of San Diego
A fan recounts his experiences at a Rush concert in San Diego in 1996.
Red Barchetta's Home Page
A Rush fans resource, with a guide to all the sites dedicated to Rush.
Richard Carter's Rush Pages
One Rush fan's retrospective, artistry and tales of adventure following the band's west coast Vapor Trails concert tour in 2002.
Roger's Web Waste: Rush Area
Includes pictures, album artwork, trivia, MIDIs, polls, winamp skins, and videos.
RUSH - The Hemispheres Mailing List
Mailing list for Rush fans.
Rush Archives
Current news and archives of articles, interviews, images and tour information.
Rush Earthshine
Collector's site including news, a discography and trading lists.
Rush Heads Inc
Site dedicated to pictures of the band.
Rush in Albany
Fan pictures of Rush from a concert in Albany, New York in October, 1996.
The Rush Interactive Network
Message boards, Rush news and rumors, tape and CD trading, archive of old discussions. Requires free registration to participate.
Rush Rules
Fan site about the Canadian rock trio Rush including some setlists and related artwork.
Rush Signals
Rush videos, interviews, news. Rush equipment through the years.
The Rush Stop
Contains concert videos, audio clips, and a monthly drum file.
Rush The Sacred River Alph
Italian/English Rush fan page dedicated to the band. Contains discography, band biography, and lyrics.
Collection of Rush videos and pictures. Discussion board.
The Shameless Neil Peart Page
A page dedicated to Neil Peart, drummer for Rush. Rush pictures, news, and information.
Soliloquy: Rush
Discography, Peart's handwritten lyrics, singles collection, photo gallery, sound samples, band history, biographies.
The Spirit of Rush Fanzine Web Site
News and articles about Rush. Also includes a picture gallery and trivia.
A Test For Echoes
Features fan survey, biography, influences and legacies, and bibliography.
A Tribute To Kings - Swedish Rush Fanclub
Swedish Rush fanclub. Forum, discography, links.
The Ultimate "RUSH"
Site dedicated to photos of Rush concerts.
Wog's Rush Page
A collection of Rush recordings. Includes bandmember reviews.
World Of Rush
Biographies, news, pictures and a world of other things all about the band Rush.
Fly By Night MIDI Page
Downloadable MIDI files of Rush songs. Links to sites selling Rush merchandise.
GianFranco Fiocco Rush MIDI Page
Rush MIDI files.
MIDI-Town Dreams - The Rush MIDI Project
Collection of Rush MIDI files. Includes random jukebox.
Rush midi
Offers a comprehensive list of midi's indexed by album.
Long Island based Rush tribute band. Consists of 5 members.
Chicago based Rush tribute band. (Currently not performing)
Italian Rush tribute band. Features audio clips, news updates, and pictures.
Exit Stage Left
Three member tribute from Canada playing the entire repitoire of Rush.
Phoenix, AZ based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
Grace Under Pressure
Canadian Rush tribute band based in Ontario, CN. Consists of 3 members.
New England based Rush tribute. (Now disbanded)
New Jersey based Rush tribute band. Consists of 4 members.
Momo's Dance Party
Momo's Dance Party is a three-piece Rush tribute band, performing a wide variety of Rush's eclectic and lengthy catalog.
Moving Pictures
Los Angeles based Rush tribute band. Consists of 3 members.
Permanent Waves
An Ottawa-based Rush tribute band with four members.
Power Windows
New York based Rush tribute band. Consists of 4 members.
Puppet King Rush Tribute Trio
New Rush tribute band from Portland, OR.
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