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Savage Garden

Stay Savage
Around 10 sites listed.
Tangled Web Around Savage Garden
Around 10 sites listed.
Savage Garden Fans Ring
Around 12 sites listed.
The Official Savage Garden BBS Webring
Lists the sites of the regulars at the Sony BBS. Around 40 sites listed. Savage Garden
Includes biography, recordings, pictures, articles, video file, and message board.
The Savaged Gardener Official Website
The official website for a popular online newsletter that is dedicated to the band. Savage Garden
Music video clips, album reviews, and information from older appearances.
The Official #SavageGarden Regspage
Documentation of the regular visitors at the IRC DALnet channel #savagegarden. Also contains bits of information about the band.
EFanGuide: Savage Garden Msg Forum
UBB forum moderated by fans.
Addicted 2 Savage Garden Fan Club
Fan club and mailing list that includes band information, pictures, wallpaper, and concert reviews.
Daniel's Virtual Garden of Earthly Delites
Pictures and quotes from keyboardist/guitarist. Also includes an area dedicated to embarrassing Darren Hayes.
Daniel Lust - Superman in Plain Clothes
News updates, calendar of events, biography, musical background, information on his family, and a fanlisting.
Allexperts Savage Garden Q&A
Question answering service run by volunteer fans.
Savage Garden Song Lyrics Source
Lyrics from both of the bands albums.
Vampyr's Savage Garden
Discography, biography, chat transcripts, an image gallery, a YNYOW list, tour information, quotes from the band members, a chat room and e-cards.
Truly Madly Deeply
Information on the band, lyrics, photos, a message board, and greeting cards.
A Tribute To Savage Garden
News, biography, discography, lyrics, articles, images, descriptions of fan encounters with the band, MIDI files, chat room and surveys.
Savage Infinity
Band and album information, biographies, lyrics, artwork, images, articles and interviews, greeting cards and a recent news section.
The Savaged Land
Story of how the band started, biographies, lyrics, quotes from the guys, news, images, a couple quizzes about the band, and links.
A Savage Garden Discography
Showcases a fan's collection of various CDs, magazines, and other memorabilia. Also includes a biography, images, recent information, and links.
Savage Garden Central
Chart information, articles, tour dates, biography, lyrics, discography, mailing lists and auctions.
Savage Garden
Images, interviews and articles, guitar tablature, lyrics, and sound clips.
Riley's Savage Garden Homepage
Real Audio files, video clips from live performances, lyrics, discography, biography, images and links.
The Realm of Savage Garden
Background information on the band, and biographies of Darren and Daniel.
Liz's Savage Garden Homepage
Includes lyrics, articles, polls, fan fiction, biographies, tour dates and concert reviews.
Memories Fade
Individual image galleries for each member, group shots, and live pictures. Also, lyrics, WAV files, and links.
Liz Naz's Savage Garden
Includes information on the band, lyrics, videos, audio files, interviews, and pictures.
Liberty's Garden
Images, information on the band, promotional information, lyrics, wallpaper images, interviews and links.
Interstellar: A Savage Garden Site
Contains articles, pictures, desktop wallpaper, and fan fiction
Gold Lame
Information, pictures, news, a quiz, lyrics, and links.
In the Shadow of a Garden Gnome
Band information and member biographies, discography, fan art and fiction, concert review, and news.
The Garden of Savage Delights
Biography, discography, lyrics, pictures and artwork, links, news, and chart status.
The Garden of All Things Savage
Band information, image galleries, lyrics, guitar tablature, fan art and fiction, links, and a section about the band's breakup.
Don't Just Dream... Envision
Lyrics, profiles, fan fiction, images, a quiz, and video facts.
A Cosmopolitan Savage Garden
Biographies, quotes, top 10 lists, images, fan fiction, a chat and a club, links, and a 'Wackie Pics' section with manipulated images.
Chained to Savage Garden
Band history, images, lyrics, interviews and reviews, tour information, links, a quiz, e-cards, and fan submissions.
Center of Adrenaline
Fan art and fiction, discography, wallpaper, Winamp skins, images, lyrics, guitar tablature, and biographies.
Carry On Dancing
Lyrics from both albums, a discography, fan fiction, games and quizzes, recent news and a biography of the band.
The Best Thing
Images, biographies, band history, touring band information, and discography.
Amanda's Savage Garden Land
Band biography, news, image gallery and links.
The Awesome Savage Garden Site
Recent news, biographies, information on the backup band, lyrics, audio/visual downloads, images, and discography. Also guitar chords, surveys and quizzes, concert reviews and other articles.
News updates, biographies, discography, images, audio files, lyrics, a store for items dealing with the band.
As the Garden Grows
Multi-chapter story in the form of a soap opera. Uses all band members as characters.
General information on the band, links, and various audio/visual downloads. Including video clips, interviews, and audio files of various songs. Savage Garden
Hosts MIDI files of songs from various albums.
We Have The Power
Club for Darren Hayes and Savage Garden fans with the sole purpose of sending one another links on the internet to help promote any material released.
Savage Garden Sony Site
Overseas official site. Contains video clips, discography, a BBS and DVD release information.
Savage Garden Request Line
Dedicated to the promotion of the bands songs and videos all over the world. Provides links and email addresses to video and radio stations.
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