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Shonen Knife

Ink Nineteen: Shonen Knife
Article dealing with the interviewers account of a night on the town with the band. (August 25, 1998)
Timeless Shonen Knife Zone
Pictures of live shows and interviews.
Shonen Knife World
Pictures and links.
Shrine to Shonen Knife
Album covers, discography and other information.
Shonen Knife Mini-Comic
'The Night I Almost Met Shonen Knife' and live concert pictures.
Shonen Knife
A fans collection of images with the band, setlists, and links.
Shonen Knife Discography
Interview and discography, and other appearances.
Rolling Stone: Shonen Knife
Biography, discography, images, and trivia.
Perfect Sound's Shonen Knife Interview
May 1997 interview with the band.
My Favorite Band From Osaka
Shonen Knife album scans and other J-pop information.
Music Square
News, discography, games, song reviews and links. Shonen Knife
Discography, album reviews, biographies, music videos, news and interviews.
Koosh Koosh Kiki's Hoopla
Shonen Knife pictures, information and links.
Juan's Shonen Knife Page
Images, links and personal information.
Flaming in the Hazy Sunlight
Comics, pictures, discography, and favorite songs.
April's Shonen Knife Page
Audio and video clips, discography and news.
Shonen Knife Planet
Official home page of the band.
April's Everything Page
Shonen Knife information, as well as other Japanese bands.
The Shonen Knife Nexus
Online zine and official 'Knife Collectors' fan club.
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