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Silver Scooter

Splendid E-Zine: Silver Scooter - Orleans Parish
Noah Wane's review: 'Syrupy melodies and bittersweet lyrics joined with throbbing rhythms and sparse instrumentation make for poignant, powerful songs.'
The Austin Chronicle: Silver Scooter - The Blue Law
Michael Chamy:'s review: 'the bass-propelled Joy Division-like nervous energy has morphed into a New Order-like dense, dreamy atmosphere and renewed commitment to the perfect pop song.' Rated 3 stars. (March 2, 2001)
Pitchfork: Silver Scooter - Orleans Parish
Brent DiCrescenzo's review: 'This album's overwhelming banality saps the creativity and mental drive from me.' Rated 4.
Pitchfork: Silver Scooter - The Blue Law
Spencer Owen's review: 'As always, the majority of this album's offerings tend to leave little impression.' Rated 4.2
The Onion AV Club: Silver Scooter - The Blue Law
Joshua Klein's review: ' Its accessible style shift might just be the key to its success, as the effortless pop pull of the disc's 10 songs ultimately proves irresistible.' Silver Scooter
Fervor interview by Elizabeth Crepeau.
Catching Fish
Photos, news, links, discography, and contact information.
Peek-A-Boo: Silver Scooter
Photos, discography, song samples, tours, and contact information.
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