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The Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters Of Murphy
A tribute band to the Sisters of Mercy, based in Huddersfield/Leeds.
Hallucienate's The Sisters Of Mercy Page
Trades, lyrics, links, and interviews.
Head and Star Fanzine
The longest existing German fanzine dedicated to The Sisters of Mercy. (Some issues also in English.)
Gary Marx
Sisters of Mercy founding member and guitarist. Information about his new album.
The Sisters Of Mercy, Fanzine.
Fourth Floor- The Sisters Of Mercy
News, reviews, lyrics, discography including bootlegs, forum, gallery, and a chart.
Detonation Boulevard
Webring and email discussion list for The Sisters of Mercy.
Elektra: Sisters of Mercy
Biography and discography.
Discography, review, and fan art.
The Black Planet - The Sisters of Mercy
Biography, lyrics, discography, images, and tour information.
Belgian Fanpage
Collection of videos, bootlegs, official releases, and a page with 'One-Liners.'
The Sisters of Mercy Tours
All the news on tours past and present.
1959 and all that...
A guide to the lyrics of songs by The Sisters Of Mercy.
Sisters of Mercy - The Official Site
Offers information, pictures, interviews and links.
The Sisters of Mercy Windows 95 Desktop Theme
Includes wallpaper, start and end screens, sounds, cursors and screensavers.
The Story of Your Favorite Rock'n'Roll Band
An illustrated 'history' of the band.
Sisters Of Mercy Home Page (US Site)
The unofficial (but canonical) Sisters web page. Appears to be no longer actively maintained however.
The Sisters Of Mercy - Midi To The Planet Edge
An unofficial website containing MIDI and tablature for songs they have done.
Paul's Sisters Of Mercy Fanpage
Discography of both official and unofficial Sisters material and some pictures and links.
The Patrician: Sisters of Mercy
Band information, news, discography with lyrics, and links.
The Light at the End of Your Sorry Little Tunnel
A starting point to all Sisters fans.
In The Smoke - The Members Site
A site dedicated to the present members of 'The Sisters of Mercy'
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