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The Soft Boys

Ink 19: The Soft Boys / Kimbereley Rew
Reviews by Ian Koss of 'Nextdoorland' by The Soft Boys and 'Great Central Revisited' by Kim Rew. (December, 2002)
The Soft Boys
Official site of the influential British quartet. News, press, history, photos, discography, and audio and video files.
Remote Control - Soft Boys, The
Press release about their reunion and new album.
PopMatters - The Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight
Review by Kevin Mathews of the 2 CD reissue. 'A big, psychedelic, folk-rock guitar masterpiece whichever way you want to look at it, Underwater Moonlight deserves the attention and adulation of every card-carrying fan of obscure, intelligent pop-rock musi
Matador Records: The Soft Boys
News and audio files from their record label.
In Music We Trust - Nextdoorland
Album review by Alex Steininger, rated B+. 'You can't help want, maybe even expect, Underwater Moonlight II. You're not going to get it, but Nextdoorland is a suitable follow-up twenty plus years later, and a good album to boot.'
All Music Guide: The Soft Boys
Profile, and discography with reviews.
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