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Jim Steinman

Great Quotations
Jim Steinman motivational quotations.
Parody lyrics of Jim Steinman's 'Making Love Out Of Nothing At All' by Bob Kanefsky.
Theatre Breaks
Information on the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman musical, 'Whistle Down The Wind'.
Whistle Down The Wind
Dedicated to the musical 'Whistle Down The Wind' by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman.
Bad For Good
One fan's tale of his personal experiences with this Jim Steinman solo album.
The Very Best Of Meat Loaf
Complete credits for this album, including song list.
Jim Steinman Discography
Includes lyrics for selected songs. Portion of site is not in English.
Q Magazine
'Jim Steinman/Bad For Good' Article reviewing Steinman's only solo album at the time of this writing. (February 1, 1993)
Kerrang! Magazine
'Boxing Clever' Comprehensive review of this Jim Steinman album, including quotations from those involved with the project. (January 1, 1989)
Jim Steinman Music
Brief biography highlighting Jim Steinman's relation to other artists.
Early 1970s details of Jim Steinman's life and work.
'Bat Out Of Hell Meets Phantom Of The Opera' Article concerning Steinman's role on Broadway. (October 21, 1996)
New York Daily News
'Grammys Not Playing His Song' Article concerning Jim Steinman and the Grammy awards. (December 6, 1996)
'Total Change Of The Heart' Steinman relents over lyric quote used by The Beta Band. (June 9, 1999)
The Sunday Times
'How Did The Composer Of Meat Loaf's Hits Become Lloyd Webber's Latest Lyricist?' Interview with Jim Steinman discussing his latest project with Broadway's Andrew Lloyd Webber. (December 8, 1996)
'Lyricist Jim Steinman Bites 'Vampire'' Article on the rock songwriter entering stage musical record books. (November 3, 1997) Totally Clipped From Their Art
Jim Steinman forces Beta Band to rerecord track. (May 12, 1999)
Realm Of Dreams
Comprehensive site with pictures, discography, news, musicals and much more.
Wikipedia: Jim Steinman
Biographical information.
The Prince Of Darkness
Biography, information on musicals the artist has contributed to and stories.
Neverland UK
Lyrics for 'Bad For Good' and 'Pandora's Box - Original Sin' and links to other Jim Steinman resources.
Neverland Hotel
Comprehensive site including biography, discography, news, lyrics and photo gallery.
Jim Steinman Webring
Webring of sites dedicated to Jim Steinman. Search the current list of sites, view the ring's statistics or submit your Jim Steinman site to join the ring.
The Jim Steinman Temple
Frequently updated with detailed worldwide news and information on related artists.
Jim Steinman Mailing List
Discussion forum information including how to subscribe and excerpts from recent posts.
Jim Steinman
Fan site with short biography, lyrics, misheard lyrics, sheet music and special sections dedicated to Steinman's musicals.
The History of Rock Music: Jim Steinman
Part of a site about History of Rock Music. With discography and short biography.
Dream Pollution
Includes a biography, detailed information and articles arranged by album, news, message board, mailing list, and photo gallery.
All Music Guide
Fact sheet, biography, discography, links to related and similar artists.
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