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HotWired: Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Robert Levine: 'These are the kind of songs that Judy Jetson might listen to while the robot maid takes care of the housework.' Audio excerpts.
Drawer B: Stereolab - Sound-Dust
Eric Greenwood's review: 'All of the reasons you ever listened to Stereolab are present on Sound-Dust, only the songwriting has improved and expanded.'
2FM: Stereolab - Sound-Dust
Sinéad Gleeson's review: 'Despite it's beauty the album is cloaked in sound-dust. It's about time Stereolab shook it off and tried something new.' Rated 3 out of 5 stars.
BIRDpages: Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup
'Pekky' Marquez's review: 'Obviously, this is one of the best albums of the 90's and particularly of 1996 (if not THE best).'
Adrian's Album Reviews: Stereolab
Reviews and track-listings for many of their albums.
Stereolab radio
A compilation of songs and sounds, mixed by Stereolab member Tim Gane.
Video Interview
An interview with the band from their 1996 tour (RealVideo).
The Lab
Video material of Stereolab performances.
Switched on
Stereolab discussion group, hosted by Yahoo.
The Future Sound of Music?
Live review from DropD Magazine. (November 21, 1997)
Stereolab Correspondence
A message board dedicated to the band.
VH1: Stereolab
Contains news, biography, message board and related links.
Stereolab: The First of the Microbe Hunters - PopMatters Music Review
Review of 'The First of the Microbe Hunters' (2000) from Popmatters. Cobra and Phases
Review of the album.
Stereolab: Sound-Dust - PopMatters Music Review
Review of 'Sound-Dust' (2001) from Popmatters.
Q magazine
Stereolab reviews
Metacritic: First of the Microbe Hunters
Links to reviews of the album.
Stereolab music
Stereolab images, tabs, chords and news, from Italy.
A fan site with discography, lyrics, band information, message board, and concert list.
Epitonic: Stereolab
A one-page briefing/introduction on Stereolab, their members, history, and sound.
Elektra Entertainment: Stereolab
Album discography with sound clips, and message board.
The band's official site. Tour dates, discography with song clips, fan forum, and news.
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