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Joss Stone Joss Stone
Pictures, in-depth biography, and commentary with ratings.
Jazz Not Jazz: The Soul Sessions
Review of the debut album that also has readers postings of their opinions. News: You Hear It First - Joss Stone
Joe D'Angelo talks with the singer and some of the forces behind the scenes of her debut album, plus photography gallery and song samples.
Shore Fire Media: Joss Stone
Official press releases, detailed biography and photography of the British soul singer.
CNN Entertainment: Two New Singers Break Boundaries
Profile and interview with Stone and another young singer, Fefe Dobson. (December 26, 2003)
VH1: Joss Stone - The Do Right Girl
C. Bottomley talks to the British singer about broken hearts, the luxury of free time, classic soul and Timberlake vs. Beckham. (November 25, 2003)
BBC: Joss Stone - Devonshire Diva
Interview and profile of the singer, with web links, artist facts and audio report (media player required). (November 15, 2003)
The Nashville Tennesseean: At 16, Soulful Joss Stone has a Grown-up Voice That's the Real Deal
A. Tacuma Roeback talks with Gail Mitchell of Billboard magazine about the early career path of the singer. (November 8, 2003)
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Joss Stone Puts Heart and Soul Into Her Music
Interview in which Tom Moon asks 'Do you have to be black to possess that elusive quality known as 'soul'?' (September 21, 2003)
NPR : Joss Stone Gives Soul New Voice, New Look
National Public Radio's Scott Simon interviews Stone and her mentor and producer, rhythm and blues singer Betty Wright. Audio interview, need Real Player or Windows Media Player to listen. (September 13, 2003)
PopEntertainment: Joss Stone - Soul Sister
The teenaged British singer checks in with Jay S. Jacobs about her first album. (October 13, 2003)
Metafilter: Joss Stone
Community bulletin board for discussion of the album 'The Soul Sessions.' (October 14, 2003)
The Honolulu Advertiser: When Joss Sings, Soul Legends listen
Steve Jones of USA Today talks with the soul singer and her producers, veteran A&R man Steve Greenburg and Miami R&B performer Betty Wright. (October 13, 2003)
Now Toronto: Stone's Soul
Tim Perlich interviews the young soul singer and finds out that she never intended to become a professional singer. (October 16, 2003)
Chart Attack: Joss Stone Feels Bad For Britney
The singer discusses life growing up in Devon, England, her love of sixties music, and the hard life of a former teen idol. (October 22, 2003)
AccessAtlanta: Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions
Richard L. Eldredge reviews the album. (October 21, 2003)
Rolling Stone: The Soul Sessions
Critic Jon Caraminica gives his views on the album, plus track list and reader posts. (October 30, 2003)
The Newspaper: Joss Stone - Soul Survivor
Brian Maxwell does a brief interview and profile of the singer. (November 6, 2003)
Canoe Canada: Farewell Amanda
Darryl Sterdan of the Winnipeg Sun frames his review of 'The Soul Sessions' as a mock letter to singer Amanda Marshall. (November 7, 2003)
All Music Guide: The Soul Sessions
Thom Jurek's assessment of the album, plus track listing, release date and performers' credits.
S-Curve Records: Joss Stone
The official website includes latest news, biography, sound clips, photographs and concert schedule. Flash player needed to view.
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