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USA Today: Styx Bassist Happy Finally To Be Out
An article by Debbie Howlett about Chuck Panozzo's announcement that he is gay, was diagnosed with HIV in 1990, and has had AIDS since at least 1997. (July 26, 2001)
Guitar Player: Chuck Panozzo
Reprint of an interview by Tom Mulhern. (July, 1981)
Interview with Todd Sucherman
Interview by the webmasters of Todd's official website. (October 1, 2000)
Lip From Behind The Kit
An interview by Fiona Bowen and Louis Bergmann. (October 1, 1999)
Sticks and Mallets: A Drummer Of Many Styles
Interview by Michael Branham discussing Todd Sucherman's background, interests, drumming style, and new role as the drummer for Styx. (May 30, 1997)
Wish of Pentacles
A novel by Wrenne Hazard and Dennis Crabtree.
New Year's Eve 1999
Photographs from the December 31, 1999, millineum celebration at Pleasure Island in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Styx - 1980 - Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
Two Styx pictures for sale. Photographed live in concert by Ken Jackson.
Styx Photo Album by Joe Louis Photography
Photographs from the 1999-2000 tour at the Horseshoe Casino in Robinsonville, MS, on February 25, 2000 and at Harper Stadium in Fort Smith, AR, on Nov 11, 1999.
Styx Scrapbook
A collection of photos celebrating the current line-up of Styx. Categories include concerts, behind the scenes, fan gatherings, benefits, and mini videos.
Grand Illusion
From Quebec, Canada. News, promotional material, audio and video clips, and photographs.
Light Up
New Milwaukee based Styx tribute band.
StyxPyx - Styx Concert Photos
A collection of Styx concert pictures from many different photographers and concerts, including a feature collection. Also features a message board and on-line photograph submission.
An index of novels and short stories that have been published on the Internet.
Whispers In The Night
Lt. Vanish's home page spotlights this novel by T.B. Gillis, based on the storyline for the Kilroy Was Here concept-album.
Phoenyx Rebirth
A serialized novel in progress by Deborah Anne Peal. Phoenyx is a fictional band modeled after Styx. Message Board
On-line community of fans. Bulletin board and chat.
Yahoo Groups: Styx
E-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls.
Illinois Entertainer: Styx Fights Success at Home
Cover photo and excerpt of an article discussing the Crystal Ball album. (December, 1976)
Record Week: Styx Get Gold
Reprint of a cover photograph and caption when Styx received their award for Equinox hitting gold in Canada. (October 11, 1976)
Styx Lounge
At Chat, tour merchandise, promotions, and members-only lounge featuring exclusive ticket and merchandise offers, video and audio downloads, photograph archives, chats with band members, bulletin board, and contests.
Anyboard: Monker's Styx Forum
Message board.
The Styx Armada
Internet fan club, includes newsletter registration, screensaver downloads, and merchandise.
Yahoo! Groups: Styx Museum
An on-line club for fans and collectors of Styx paraphernalia. Message board, chat, and file sharing.
Styx Collecting Forum
Message board for discussing Styx and solo collectibles as well as for buying, selling, and trading collectibles.
At Yahoo Groups. E-mail list dedicated to the buying, selling, auctioning, trading and collecting of Styx CDs, vinyl, cassettes, videos, and memorabilia.
Return To Paradise
A discography including rare 7' and CD singles, pictures, and chart history from U.S. and The Netherlands.
Features concert photographs, sound clips, and a collectibles charity auction.
John's Styx Fix
Extensive personal collection catalogued with photographs. Also includes rarities for trade or sale and wanted items.
Styx Collector
An online resource for collectors that includes an extensive searchable discography, Roboto center, shopping links, and interviews.
16 Magazine: Styx on the Spot
Reprint of a feature where each band member answers one question sent in by a fan. (July, 1978)
Grooves: Styx - Doin' It on the Road
Article and interview by Everynight Charley Crespo. (August, 1978)
16 Magazine: Sing Along With Styx and Discover the Mysteries of Cornerstone
Reprint of an article featuring the lyrics to Babe and a deciphering of the symbolism on the Cornerstone album cover. (June, 1979)
Rockline: Tommy Shaw, Dennis DeYoung, and Styx - A Contradiction in Terms?
Reprint of an article discussing the new solo careers of Shaw and DeYoung, the Caught In The Act video from Styx, and the musical chemistry of the two contrasting members of Styx. (May, 1985)
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx and ELO Part II enjoy life after major label death with new albums on CMC International. (1997,07)
Chicago Tribune: Styx Picks Up Where It Left Off
Reprint of a review by Kevin McKeough of the June 17, 1996, show at the World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. (June 18, 1996)
The Daily Vault: Return To Paradise
Review by Bob Pierce of the live CD from the Return to the Paradise Theatre tour. (May, 1997)
Chicago Tribune: Styx Scrapes Off the Signs of Age and Sounds Fine
Reprint of a review by Lawrence Johnson of the June 9, 1997, show in Rosemont, Illinois. (June 11, 1997)
Styx: Set An Open Course For The Virgin Sea
Goldmine cover story from summer 1999, discusses the entire timeline of Styx's career (June, 1999)
Illinois Entertainer: Styx & REO In Concert
Brief announcement and preview of the June 3 concert headlining Loopfest. (May, 2000)
Styx Goldmine Interview
A 1999 Goldmine interview with the members of Styx, discussing their early years up to the release of their 1999 album, Brave New World. (October 22, 1999)
Pollstar: Dennis DeYoung Sues Styx Bandmates
An article reporting a lawsuit that alleges misuse of the Styx trademark. (October 11, 2000)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Styx
Concert review by Meg Jones. (July 5, 2000)
Styx set to Sizzle at Star-Lake
mp3 interview files with Styx from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (March 28, 2001)
Review of StyxWorld Live 2001 by Styx
Review of the new live Styx CD (June 4, 2001)
LiveDaily Interview: Tommy Shaw of Styx
LiveDaily Interview: Tommy Shaw of Styx talks about the current tour, the lawsuit, and the label 'corporate rock.' (June 25, 2001)
Review #1 of Styx w/Bad Co., Billy Squier and Joe Stark at Marcus Amphitheater-Milwaukee, WI
A review of the Styx show from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 15, 2001 (July 15, 2001)
Review #2 of Styx/Bad Company/Billy Squier/Joe Stark at Milwaukee - Marcus Ampitheatre
Another review from of the Styx concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 15, 2001. (July 17, 2001)
Chuck Panozzo
Official site includes an autobiography, photographs, news, guestbook, and information about HIV/AIDS and the Human Rights Campaign.
USA Today: Baby Boomers Give Second Life to Older Rockers
Article by David Lieberman citing Styx as a leading example and featuring a recent photograph of JY and Tommy. (February 18, 2002)
Out In The Styx
Article about the 2003 Styx tour with Kansas and John Waite. (December 21, 2002)
Rock To The Rescue Again!
An interview of Tommy Shaw by Jeb Wright for the Classic Rock Revisited web site. Tommy discusses the Rock to the Rescue benefit concerts, the upcoming Styx album, and the past and future of Styx. (November 20, 2002)
Styx Snags Diverse Guests For 'Cyclorama'
Article by Jonathan Cohen about the release of the 2003 album. (January 10, 2003)
Styx Live
Review by David Lee Wilson of the July 21, 1999, show in Clarkston, Michigan.
Ye Old Metal
Tommy Shaw talks about the recording of 'The Grand Illusion' album
Chuck Panozzo's Place
Includes photos, a tour schedule, discography and guestbook. Information regarding HIV/AIDs and GLBT related issues can be found throughout the site.
Modern Drummer: John Panozzo
Reprint of the magazine cover and interview. (July, 1982)
Cyclorama is Sweeping The Nation
An article by Doug Fox about the release of Cyclorama, including interviews with Tommy Shaw, James Young, Lawrence Gowan, Glen Burtnik, and Todd Sucherman.
Interview with Tommy Shaw about the release of Cyclorama by Matt Wardlaw.
Pop Stops: Styx - Behind The Grand Illusion
Article by John Everson about the current state of Styx based on interviews with Dennis DeYoung and James Young.
Pop Stops: Styx Missing Heart
Review of the June 3, 2000, appearance at Loopfest in Tinley Park, Illinois.
The Official Todd Sucherman Web Site
Background, photographs, articles, and interviews plus notes and answers to fan questions from Todd.
Yahoo Groups: Toddlist
Fan community e-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls.
Unofficial Styx Lyrics Archive
Lyrics, interpretations, song parodies, mondegreens, and message board.
Styx Songs
Vote for your favorite Styx song, and see how others have voted.
Susan's Styx Site
Includes photographs, tour memories, album and concert reviews, and madlibs.
Styx Lair
Share personal stories about Styx or read what other fans have written.
Styx Greatest Hits
Biography and lyrics to the songs from the Greatest Hits CD.
Styx Forever
Includes screen savers, an article deciphering the Cornerstone album cover, and biographies.
Styx Dreams
Fan tribute featuring photographs, midi and wav clips, games, and personal commentary.
Styx Chat Live
Live chat via Java or mIRC. Also features pictures and videos.
The Styx Concert Drinking Game
Game rules.
Styx Dance
Photographs of the band and band members animated to appear as if comically dancing.
STYX: All In A Day's Work
Fan site featuring Canadian news articles, concert photos, and chart history for Styx singles.
Includes photographs, tour memories, album and concert reviews, and madlibs.
Stygian's Paradise
MP3s, photographs, chat, and greeting cards.
Seven songs in midi format. Styx
Biography, photographs, discography, album reviews, articles, message board, e-mail clubs, and trivia.
Pieces of Styx
Personal tribute including music thoughts, concert reviews, photographs, humor, articles, and memories of dreams.
Lords of the Ring
Web ring home.
Paradise Theatre
Rare articles, interviews, and photographs.
The Grand Illusion
News, discography, band member information, links, chronology, and chat.
Kathieland: The Stygian Region
Concert reviews, photographs, venue information, and driving directions.
A personal home page dedicated to Pink Floyd and Styx. Includes photographs, album information, and DarkStyx radio featuring music exclusively from Pink Floyd and Styx.
Brave New Generation
Message board and chat for young fans.
Come Sail Away
Concert reviews, album reviews, and rare articles and photographs from the early years.
Archive (circa 1997) of material from the Styx internet mailing list, including a history and photographs of the actual Paradise Theater in Chicago.
Styx World
Official site. News, notes from the band, video/audio clips, pictures, chat, and a private members-only area.
The Styx Network
Message board, Paradise Radio, FAQ, tour information, rare audio and video clips, guitar tablature, fan songs, and free hosting of fan sites.
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