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Barefoot Jim's Flat: Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening
Jim Connelly's review originally written for Kade Magazine. (September 28, 1994)
Consumable On-line: Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening
Martin Bate's review: 'the third installment in Bob Mould's resurrection as an indie god with sales to finally match the critical kudos he's had in the past.'
Nude as the News: Sugar
Jonathan Cohen's review: One of the more unheralded debut albums of the decade, and further proof of Mould's significant creative vision. Sugar
Biography, discography, and links.
Granary Music: Sugar
Biography of the group from Mould's official site.
Sugar FAQ (1996)
Compiled by Paul Hilcoff and members of the group's mailing list.
Rykodisc: Sugar
Profile of the group by their record label. With detailed discography.
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