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Daily Vault: Suicide
Review of their debut self-titled album. Rated A. (July 12, 1997)
Ink Nineteen: Suicide
Review of the show at The Garage, in London, England with Panasonic. (March 8, 1998)
Suicide @ the Islington Garage
Concert review. (November 25, 2000)
Max's Kansas City: Collision Drive Exhibition
Information about the sculpture show by Alan 'Suicide' Vega. (January 16, 2002)
The Village Voice: Suicide Watch
Feature article about Alan's visual art by Simon Reynolds. (January 30, 2002) Suicide
Review of the duo's career and recordings, together and solo. Suicide
Biography, news, and discography with reviews.
Head Heritage: Unsung Reviews: Suicide - 23 Minutes Over Brussels
Review of the live EP, documenting a show that ended in an audience riot, which has been included on the reissue of their first album.
Iceburg Radio: Suicide
Biography and discography from the Encyclopedia of Popular Music.
Ghost Riders: Suicide
Fan site includes discography and information about their solo careers. In French and English.
Blast First: Suicide - American Supreme
Press release from their label about their 2002 reuinion album.
All Music Guide: Suicide
Profile, and discography with reviews.
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