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Sweet Matthew

Anita's Matthew Sweet Site
Audio and video music, appearances, and interviews. Also pictures, up-to-date news, and fan club information.
Artist Direct: Matthew Sweet
Short profile with links. Matthew Sweet
Review of the rock artist's 'Time Capsule: The Best of Matthew Sweet 90/00' anthology.
In Reverse
Review of the Matthew Sweet CD from PopMatters.
Matthew Sweet
Official site with news, discography, tour dates, pictures, fan club information and message board.
The Matthew Sweet Set List Database
Show and demo lists.
E-mail discussion list for fans.
PopMatters: Matthew Sweet
Review of 'Time Capsule: The Best of 90/00'.
Tony Marsico's Wonderful World of Swingomatic
Matthew Sweet's bassist showcases his other love: outsider art.
Matthew Sweet
The Onion AV Club interviews Sweet on the music business, mortality, and what the future holds. (February 3, 2000)
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