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Russ Taff

All Music Guide: Russ Taff
Biographical profile, discography.
Blue Desert: Russ Taff
Discography includes track list for each album.
CCM-Lyrics-Archiv: Russ Taff
Four songs, in plain text.
Christian Guitar Resources: Russ Taff
Lyrics and chords to half a dozen songs, including 'I Cry.'
Classic Reviews: Medals
Full review of Russ Taff's second solo album, released in 1985.
CMT: Russ Taff
Country Standard Time: Russ Taff
Review of 1995 album 'Winds of Change,' the singer's entry in the (secular) country music market.
The Cutting Edge: Russ Taff
Discography, including promotional items.
Great American Country: Russ Taff
Lessons in Perfection and Grace
Russ Taff talks about the pressures of full time service of the gospel. From Focus on the Family Magazine.
Right Here, Right Now (1999)
Christian Music Review Headquarters takes a look at this album which marked the artist's return to Christian music. Rated 4.5/5.
Russ Taff Lyrics
The words to 'He Came Through' and 'It Was Love.'
Biography, tour schedule, press. Discography includes both his years with the Imperials and solo career. Not viewable in Netscape 3.
Story Behind the Song: We Will Stand
Feature article tells what inspired Russ Taff to write this anthem.
A gospel shindig
Feature story on baritone Russ Taff joining up with the Gaither Vocal Band. [The Herald-Dispatch] (June 1, 2002)
Gaither Vocal Band Loses Russ Taff
Fortunately, it was only temporary. A mishap on tour. [Christian Activities] (March 22, 2002)
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