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Talking Heads

The Name of This Site is Talking Heads
Includes history, discography, lyrics and chords, sound and video files, bulletin board.
Photos from the CBGB shrine
New York's home of punk, where the band rubbed shoulders with Television, Patti Smith, et al, has some really early photos of the band on its Shrine pages.
Prindle Record Reviews
Overview of Talking Heads and several album reviews, with submissions from readers. Talking Heads
Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, and message board.
Stop Making Sense - IMDb
All the details on the revolutionary concert film from the Internet Movie Database
Stop Making Sense -
A detailed and reverential review from the 'Book Lover's Guide to Cinema': the film gets a 5+ out of 5 rating.
Talking Heads News:
News about Talking Heads continually updated from around the net.
This Must Be the Place
Includes articles, Winamp skins, discography, and pictures.
Salon: "Stop Making Sense"
Review of the film. 'Fifteen years later, the delightful Talking Heads concert picture is still the kind of miracle movie that comes about once in a lifetime.' (September 16, 1999)
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