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This Is Serious Mum

Bring TISM to North America Coalition
Group of fans trying to bring the band and their music to the US and Canada.
Flembo's Tism Page
Flem's Tism tattoo, pictures of 7' singles, photos, wedding telegram, setlists, gig review, autographs, and diatribe.
The Half Assed TISM Club
Yahoo club for fans of the band.
MoreTISM - A Guide to the Words of TISM
Features a comprehensive discography and lyric collection.
The Official Stop TISM Turning Into Girly-Men Page
formerly TISM JISM
Satan Loves YOU!
Features lyrics in reverse chronological order.
Saturday Night Palsy
Discography, song directory, voting results and links
Shock Records' TISM page
Their record label's site includes video files.
Official site includes news, profiles, sound files, history, articles, and discussion board.
TISM Discography
by Richard Miles
A unique visual, aural and textual presentation of TISM's 1986 album, Form And Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion.
TISM Self Storage
TISM-related files that are for some peculiar reason not available on the semi-official sites.
The TISM WebRing
Home page for the ring; joining information and list of sites.
Member list, pictures, lyrics, discography, links and mp3s.
Victims of TISM Support Group
Humorous fan site.
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