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Throbbing Gristle

Throbbing Gristle
Official site of the band and their Industrial Records label includes news, photo galleries, discography, performance list, technical information, and archives of texts and memorabilia.
Entertainment Through Pain - Another Throbbing Gristle Hom(ep)age
Includes discographies, member profiles, listing of live shows, FAQ and mail list information.
Genesis P-Orridge - Throbbing Gristle
Section of Gen's site about his former band; discography and an interview.
Mute: Throbbing Gristle
Information about the planned 2004 reunion of the band and the CD reissue of the '24 Hours' box set.
The Throbbing Gristle Pages
Fan page with discography, listing of live gigs, picture gallery, sound files, lyrics and other writing about the band.
Guardian Unlimited: Dirty Freaky Things
Feature article about their forthcoming one-off reunion at the Re-TG Festival. (March 24, 2004)
Guardian Unlimited: Throbbing Gristle: 24-hour Box Set
Music reviewer Alexis Petridis listens to the box set in one 24 hour sitting. (January 1, 2003)
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