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Van Halen

Mr. 5150's Van Halen Page
Tribute site with settings for guitar effects processors and the 5150 Amps used by the band. Also includes Van Halen related wallpaper and bootleg trade list.
1989 - Maya's Van Halen Page
Fan site features keyboard sheet music, misheard lyrics, pictures, and fan art.
Mark's Van Halen Page
Guitar tablature, lyrics, pictures, and MIDI versions of popular songs.
Lew's Van Halen Page
Includes picture gallery, quotes, and discography.
Launch: Van Halen
News, concert information, and music videos.
Jack Feeny reviews: Van Halen
Reviews of albums through 1984.
Eddie Van
Unofficial fan site including tour dates, discography, sound file downloads, and memorabilia.
BR's Classic Rock Concert Photos
Van Halen concert photos from 1980.
Brown Sound
The theory behind Van Halen's guitar sound, Eddie's gear, interviews, and classifieds.
Van Halen News Desk
Extensive news coverage of Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar.
Van Halen
Official site includes news, discography, lyrics, sound files, photos, archives, and links.
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