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Official site. Includes a discography, news, merchandise and a message board. Weezer
Biography, discography, pictures, articles, video files, and message board.
The Weezer
News, pictures, biography, discography, tour dates, and links.
Offers tabs, lyrics, and pictures.
Weezer & Co.
Site with news, biographies, lyrics, MP3's. In French and English.
Weezer Downloads
Offers audio, video, pictures, and other multimedia.
Weezer Forum .com - The Standard in the Weezer Community
Provides a forum for Weezer fans to discuss the band, their music and also provides an off-topic forum.
The Weezer Inc.
Biography, discography, FAQ, interviews, lyrics, pictures, reviews and sounds.
The Weezer Mailing List Home Page
Homepage for the Weezer-Rules mailing list.
Weezer Nation
Often releases new media, has a webguide and discussion forum.
Weezer Pictures
Pictures, guestbook, and links.
Weezer Portugal
MP3, videos, biographies, lyrics, links, tour dates, pictures, live pictures, and faq.
Weezer- RiffRaff
Includes audio, video, and information, along with a bootleg trading ring.
Weezer Rock Music
Pictures, news, lyrics, and links.
Weezer Thai Fanpage
Lyrics, gallery, pictures, webboard, poll, links, tabs.
Weezer Toons
Contains flash cartoons featuring the members of the band.
Weezer Tribute
Contains a biography, a CD cover archive, lyrics and MP3 samples.
Weezer UK
A Weezer site built especially for UK fans. Gig listings, chat, polls and forums.
Weezer Ville
Home of Weezerville Radio, an all Weezer online station.
Weezer Whenever
Site featuring biography, links and lyrics.
Forum and hosting. Rest of site no longer running.
Lyrics, forum, links, and news about the band from a British perspective.
Biography, lyrics, pictures, tour dates, news, and a discography.
Latin american Weezer site.
Why Bother?
Discography, band history, member information and pictures. Weezer Lyrics
Offers lyrics from the albums Weezer and Pinkerton. Weezer Tablature Page
Guitar and Bass tablature or chords files.
Music Song Lyrics: Weezer
Lyrics sorted by albums
Weezer Albums
Official lyrics for the four Weezer albums.
Weezer Fans Dot Com - Song Lyrics
An extensive listing of song lyrics to almost every Weezer song ever released.
Weezer Lyrics
Search for lyrics by Album, Song Title, Artist, or browse Alphebetically.
Weezer Lyrics
A collection of lyrics from many Weezer songs, including some unreleased and rarites.
Weezer Song Lyrics Source
Lyrics to songs by the band. Lyrics
Weezer lyrics straight from the band. Weezer
Review of the band's 'Weezer' (aka 'The Green Album') release, by Dave Brosha.
dotmusic - Album Review: Weezer
Offers a review of 'Weezer' (The Green Album). Also offers some sound clips of songs on the album.
Nude as the News: The Green Album
Offers a review of 'Weezer' (The Green Album).
Oto review of Weezer's "Maladroit"
Review of and information about the album 'Maladroit'.
T.J. Monkey's: On Being Rivers Cuomo
A humor essay about the lead singer of Weezer.
Weezer: Pinkerton - Ink Blot Magazine
Offers a review of 'Pinkerton'.
Weezer: The Green Album - Ink Blot Magazine
Offers a review of 'Weezer' (The Green Album).
Weezer: Weezer - Ink Blot Magazine
Offers a review of 'Weezer' (The Blue Album).
Weezer: Weezer (Green Album): Pitchfork Review
Offers a review of 'Weezer' (The Green Album) by Spencer Owen.
Weezer Bass Tabs
Collection of tabs for Weezer
Weezer Guitar Tabs
Weezer Tabs at
Weezer Tablature Project
A site attempting to provide correct tabs.
The Good Life Band
Covers Weezer.
Weezer cover band from Baton Rouge/New Orleans. Includes member profiles, show dates, song list, and photos.
Ben's Weezer Page
Contains lyrics, multimedia files, pictures, and biographies.
DaMo's Militant Weezer
Discography, lyrics, and photos.
Goat Punishment
Biography, discography, and pictures.
Heather's Rockin Weezer Site
Fan page with photo gallery some lyrics.
Mike's World of Weezer
Live shows, interviews, lyrics, and information.
Modern Dukes Weezer Media
Offers media.
Norwegian Weezer page.
Rapid Rivers
Fan site about Rivers Cuomo containing pictures, a biography, and a discography.
The Rivers Cuomo Love Fest
Fan site with lyrics, articles, biographies, and photographs.
Say It Ain't So - Another Weezer Site
Discography, videography, photos, lyrics, articles, and links.
Audio, video, information, and images.
The Weezer
Message board, pics, lyrics, bio, chat(happening soon) and more fun for the kiddies.
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