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Bob Weir

DeadBase: Bob Weir Solo Forum
Comments and recollections on his solo performances.
Flying Other Brothers: Weir and Hart Show
Setlists and photographs from two 1999 concerts with Mickey Hart.
Grateful Dead Family Discography: Bob Weir
Discography of his works, including solo, band, and compilations.
Grateful Dead Time Capsule: Bob Weir
Biography, timeline, discography, songlist, and album gallery. Bob Weir
An interview from the early 1990's with the 'rock eco-warrior.'
Ocean Planet: Baru Bay
The story behind the children's book co-written by Weir and his sister.
Panther Dream
Information about the environmental children's book written by Weir and his sister Wendy.
Complete year-by-year setlists, photographs, articles, tape list, and memorabilia.
Sound Waves Magazine: Bob Weir
A biographical article. (August, 2000)
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