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All Music Guide: Wham!
Biography, discography, album reviews and chart listings.
Andrew John Ridgeley: The Man & The Music
Information on Andrew, Wham! and the less known members; Shirlie Holliman & D.C. Lee. The site also contains slideshows and audio samples.
Midnight's Wham! Page
Fan page with biographies, album reviews, and pictures. Also some information about other artists from the 80's.
England based tribute band, performing the music of both Wham! and Duran Duran. Site contains pictures, a brief history, concert list, audio samples and Wham! lyrics.
Ambitious information-only site. Complete listing of Wham!, George Michael, and Andrew Ridgeley songs, and collaborations with others, with the story of and versions of each (some songs still being built). Detailed discography for Wham! and George Michael
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