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White Zombie

Psychoholic World of White Zombie
One of the best sites for White Zombie information. Includes lyrical references, sound sources, lyrics, bootleg information, pictures, a discography, and tablatures.
Voyage to the Voodoo Moon
A great page devoted to the early years of White Zombie.
Astrocreep 2001
Fan site that includes images and lyrics.
The Blood, Milk, And Sky of White Zombie
This site maintains the best White Zombie discography on the net.
Personal web site of Ivan de Prume, White Zombie's second drummer.
Highway To Hell: Route 666
Contains Zombie art, tablatures, wav and midi files, and a discography. Not being updated.
Jason's White Zombie Page
Fan site that contains wav files, album information, and pictures from magazines.
Jenzette's White Zombie Page
Pictures of the band, lyrics, and tablatures.
Justin's White Zombie page
Contains lyrics, Rob's art, biographies of the band members, CD information, and MIDIs.
Lyrics at
White Zombie song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
One of the Synthetic Delusions of The Electric Head
Rob Zombie and White Zombie Fan Site in Spanish. Includes a biography, a discography, and news. Requires Internet Explorer.
Patrick Walkers White Zombie Page
Lyrics, articles, pictures, tablatures, the 'Yeah' count, and information on J's guitar. White Zombie
Biography, discography, and trivia questions.
Ryan's White Zombie Page
Includes lyrics, tablatures, and sound sources.
Seiral's White Zombie Page
White Zombie information, reviews on the major albums, and articles from the media.
Tim Jeffs Early White Zombie Bio
Contains a brief account of the early years of White Zombie written by Tim Jeffs, White Zombie's second guitarist.
Tristan's White Zombie Site
Includes lyrics, artwork, MIDIs, a biography, and pictures.
What Lurks on Site X?
White Zombie pictures, lyrics, and MIDIs.
The White Zombie Website
White Zombie tablatures, pictures, lyrics, and merchandise links.
Zombie Land II
White Zombie fanpage with lyrics, pictures, tablatures, video, and sound clips.
ZombieGuy's Web Site
Fan site dedicated to Rob Zombie and White Zombie. Includes a discography, a biography, pictures, and lyrics.
Zombone's White Zombie Page
Fan site with lyrics, sample sources, multimedia, and a discography.
RockNet Interview
RockNet interviews Rob Zombie of White Zombie.
That Creeping Feeling
A reprinted Pulse magazine interview with Rob Zombie of White Zombie.
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