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Widespread Panic
News, links and mailing list archive.
Discussion list for Widespread Panic music in Shorten (SHN) format
SHN is a is a file format that is lossless compression method. Etree ( has popularized this as the standard for digital music trading. This list spreads information about trading live Widespread Panic recordings in this format.
The Everyday Companion Online
Catalog of the concerts and songs. Includes performance dates, set lists, and other stats. Also PDF and Palm OS downloads.
Idiot-Free Spreadnet
Yahoo discussion group that was spawned from frustration of the growing number of irrelevant posts to Spreadnet, the largest Widespread Panic discussion list. Beware, it is still chock full of idiots, but the volume is less and the posts can be more relev
Online photo gallery featuring concert shots of Widespread Panic.
Panic Fans for Food
Information and contact details for a charity that collects food and money at Widespread Panic concerts and then distributes it to the needy. Widespread Panic
Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, video files, and message board.
Satisfied: My Panic Linc
A CDR list for trading.
News, mailing lists, tour dates, audio clips, lyrics, and interviews.
This Part of Town
Tour dates, set lists, links, tape and CD covers.
Widespread Panic
Official site with tour dates, merchandise, and downloads.
Widespread Panic Movie
An official movie about Widespread Panic to be released at the end of 2001.
News, tour dates, band profile, pictures, and discography.
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