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The Wildhearts
The official site of the British rock band The Wildhearts - the first source for all news and information on the band.
ArtistDirect: Wildhearts.
Contains biography, CD information, audio samples and a message board.
Bubble HQ
Early Wildhearts drummer Bam's current band.
Chris's Silver Ginger 5 Site
Includes tour dates, lyrics, CD and band information, pictures, plus audio and promotional video downloads.
Clickmusic: Click CD Case
Interview with Ginger about his CD collection.
Earth vs The Wildhearts and Japan
Japanese Wildhearts fan page.
Five Miles High
Fanzine with news, reviews and information on all the Wildhearts-related bands such as SilverGinger 5, Clam Abuse, Super$hit 666, The Yo-Yo's, Plan A and SugarPlumFairies.
Henry's Box of Rocks: The Wildhearts
Descriptions of unreleased early demo tracks.
H2G2: The Wildhearts
Wildhearts biography on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - an all-purpose guide to Earth.
Unused artwork originally designed for the Earth Vs The Wildhearts album sleeve.
Longhair's Wildhearts Titles
Lyrics archive sorted by album, with cover scans.
NME: Wildhearts
Contains news, reviews, articles and photographs from the British music magazine.
Nomislair: The Wildhearts
Discography, biography and who's who.
Rare Record Price Guide
Price guide for Wildhearts collectables.
3rd Degree Burns: The Ultimate Punk Repository
Featured bands include The Wildhearts, The Yo-Yo's, The Jellys, 3 Colours Red and many others. Lyrics, music clips, pictures and lots of other stuff.
SilverGinger 5 Gig Photos
SilverGinger 5 live at The Scala, London - 9 November 2000. Wildhearts Biography
Comprehensive biography charts the band's rise to fame.
Wildhearts Archives
Daily news feed, full lyrics, complete discography with bootlegs and promos, FAQ, hundreds of scanned press articles dating back to 1992, and guitar tablatures. Formerly Rick's Wildhearts Pages.
Wildhearts Gig Photos
The Wildhearts live at Middlesbrough Town Hall, England - 14 March 1994.
The Wildhearts Tribute Page
A tribute collecting the band's songs performed by fans.
Yahoo! Groups: SilverGinger 5 Fanclub
Unofficial club.
Yahoo! Groups: Wildhearts
Mailing list with online archives, for discussion of The Wildhearts and the many related bands formed by ex-members.
Dotmusic: Live review
Review of The Wildhearts live at the Northampton Roadmender on 25 April 2002. (April 26, 2002)
Dotmusic: Single Review
Review of Ginger's solo single, I'm A Lover Not A Fighter. (June 30, 2001)
Dotmusic: Album Review
Review of Ginger's live solo album, Grievous Acoustic Behaviour (Live at the 12 Bar). (June 24, 2001)
Dotmusic: Live Review
Review of the Wildhearts concert at The Forum, London, on 20 June 2001. (June 21, 2001)
Wildhearts Live, The
Photographs from the Glasgow and Nottingham concerts. (June, 2001)
The Village Voice: Music: Wildhearts Can Be Broken
Feature/review by Doug Brod, looking at Wildhearts members' new bands - SilverGinger 5, The Yo-Yo's and Grand Theft Audio. (March 30, 2001)
Metal Sludge: 20 Questions With Ginger
Question and answer session, with photographs and magazine covers. (July 27, 1999)
Dotmusic: Interview
Interview with Honeycrack, featuring former Wildhearts members CJ and Willie Dowling. (May 6, 1996)
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