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Brian Wilson Brian Wilson
Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, and message board.
The Zen Interpretation Of SMiLE
An exploration of the possibility that Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys' lost album SMiLE was in essence a Zen riddle.
Salon: A&E TV documentary revisits Brian Wilson
A bit of history and a review of the A&E Biography. (June 19, 1999)
Brian Wilson
Current information from the Imagination period; adds some insight into that period.
Brian Wilson
Focuses on the more recent history of Brian Wilson.
Brian Wilson
Find a smattering of Brian Wilson CDs, books, and MP3s here.
Brian Wilson A&E Biography Video
A review and song list for the A&E Biography on Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson
A little information about Brian Wilson in a 'Who's Who' format.
Good Morning Brian
Information about the writer and performer of a song about Brian Wilson. Includes lyrics and audio samples.
Gravity's Rainbow: Brian Wilson's Smile
A few notes on this album that was never made.
The Official Brian Wilson Web Site
Contains a biography, news, tour dates, merchandise, audio/video clips, interviews and photos.
Psychology's Abuse of Power: Brian Wilson
Psychologist Eugene Landy treated The Beach Boy's Brian Wilson for drug abuse, taking 'total therapeutic authority over... [his] environment,' including his financial affairs.
Reviews - Brian Wilson - Imagination
Muse review of wilson's 'Imagination'.
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