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Ed Klein's Music Database
Funeral Diner
News, biography, lyrics, discography, sound clips and other multimedia, pictures, and interviews.
Indulge Your Senses
Biography from a :Wumpscut: press release and a discography with small pictures of some of the release covers.
Metropolis Records
News direct from the source, short biography, discography of releases available from Metropolis and sound clips.
Official site containing lyrics, news, biography, discography, and images.
ArtistDirect: Wumpscut
An artist showcase on :Wumpscut:, with a biography, tracklists, a few sound clips, a bulletin board and links.
Bad Subjects
'A World of Burnt Corpses: An Interview with Rudy Ratzinger of :Wumpscut:' (March, 1998)
An ezine's email interview (December, 1997)
Sonic Boom
Interview conducted by Kevin Congdon. (May, 1997)
Last Sigh
Tracklist and review of the Wumpscut album, Music For A Slaughtering Tribe.
Wrapped In Wire
Reviews of Dried Blood of Gomorrha, Embryodead, Bunkertor 7 and Music For A Slaughtering Tribe.
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