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The Hip Hop Cipher
Brief profile of the band. Restless
Links to reviews of the Restless album on other sites. Xzibit
Includes biography, discography, articles, pictures, video files, and message board.
Sony Music: Xzibit
Get Xzibit music downloads, news, and exclusive interviews at his official site.
Xzibit Central
Fan site includes pictures, audio, video, lyrics, and news.
Xzibit Net
Includes news, biography, audio, pictures, chat room, and quotes.
Xzibit Online
Includes pictures, biography, lyrics, links, and discography.
Xzibit Song Lyrics Source
Words to songs, organized by album.
Xzibit's Joint
Discography, profile, pictures, and articles.
Pictures, audio and video files, lyrics, and wallpaper.
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