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Weird Al Yankovic

The Official Weird Al Yankovic Web Site
The latest news, photos, insider information, FAQs, biography, trivia, and merchandise. Maintained by Al's drummer, Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz. FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions list for the usenet newsgroup.
Baker/Northrop Media Group
Official page for Weird Al Yankovic's Publicist with the latest press releases and concert dates.
Internet Movie Database
Filmography, trivia and other details.
VH1: Weird Al Yankovic
Biography, musical influences, video clip, photos, tour schedule and links.
World of Weird Al Yankovic Forums
The biggest forums about Weird Al Yankovic. Moderated by Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz.
Weird Al--The Hershey Park Show
Fan Nathan (AKA 'VoVat') gives his account of 'An Unexpected Al Concert'.
Weird Science
By Stephen Thompson. [The Onion AV Club] Al talks about his career, the success of his side projects, and his clean-living ways.
By Ben. [The Onion A.V. Club] A frank, no-holds-barred interview between Onion Critic-at-Large Ben, age 13, and his idol, 'Weird Al' Yankovic.
Interview with 'Weird Al' Yankovic - Parody Artist and Star Wars Super Fan
By Chris Knight. [] (August 29, 2001)
He's Al... and He's All Right
Concert review by Alphonse Leong. (August 19, 1997)
Weird Al for MTV Video Vanguard Award
Internet petition.
The 27 List
Mailing list for latest updates on the 27 List - for Weird Al Yankovic fans.
The Weird Al Experience Zone
Delphi forum.
The Weird Al Yankovic Forum
Delphi forum.
Weird Al Yankovic Lovers
Delphi forum.
Weird Al Yankovic SETI
[Yahoo! Groups] Message board and chat room to combine the SetiAtHome project (Berkeley University) with Weird Al. Fans of Weird Al unite to use their computers to search for extraterrestrial life.
World of "Weird Al" Yankovic Forums
The almost official 'Weird Al' Yankovic forum featuring Ask Bermuda and lots of fans.
Yahoo Groups: Official Weird Al Yankovic Fan Club
Message board and chat room.
Yahoo Groups: Running With Scissors
'It's All About The Pentiums, And Weird Al (duh!).' Features message board and chat room.
Yahoo Groups: Weird Al
Free e-mail discussion list.
Alcon III
Convention for fans of Weird Al Yankovic, taking place April 26-27, 2002 at the Elk Grove Village Holiday Inn in Chicago, IL.
All Things Yankovic
Home of 'The Weird Al Yankovic Songography'; 'This Day in Al History'; and 'The UHF 10th Anniversary Page'. Also includes TV schedule, trading page, and the campaign to keep free of trolls.
Al-oholics Anonymous
A Twelve Step program to better understanding of the accordion-playing parody artist through pictures, sound bytes, video clips, interviews, news and other details.
Featuring 'Running With Scissors' review, newsgroup news, concert journals and links.
Bargle Nawdle Zouss
Weird Al news, polls, pictures, message board, links, and a Question of the Week
Chris Pirillo's Smallest Ball of Twine in Iowa
Tribute with mailing list, discography, and links to midi files, desktop themes, icons, and other Weird Al-related items.
Dare To Be Psychic
Get Weird Al news before it happens - gaze into Swami Pammi's Magic 8-Ball.
Darth Jen's Weird Al Site
Album details and cover scans, concert photos and links.
John's Weird Al Page
Pictures, tour schedule, trivia and links.
Katelyn's Weird Al Corner
Concert pictures and reviews, survey, personal parodies by the webmaster and links.
Mike Hoffman's Weird Al Page
Tribute from a 'Close, Personal Friend', featuring exclusive photos, stories and pictures from a fan's friendship with Al and drummer Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz'.
My Weird Al Yankovic Fan Page
Profile, images and links.
My Weird Al Yankovic Page
Includes merchandise and concert links, tablature/chords for Weird Al songs, original ASCII art, and the home of 'The Random Al Link Generator'.
Pooh Bear's Weird Al Stuff
Concert and band pictures, wanted list, and links. Also includes scans of album covers and merchandise, Dr. Demento memorabilia, and newspaper ads.
Rainbow Heron's Weird Al Site Spectrum
Dedicated information source featuring: 'The Newbie's Guide to'; acronyms and references glossary; archived fan lists and concert series FAQs; original artwork, essays and reviews; trading pages; concert photos; links; and the home of '
Super Dave's Weird Al Page
Pictures and MIDI files.
Weird Al and Katie's Ultra-Cool Webpage
Quiz, news, humor, memorabilia list, archived articles and interviews, wav files, personal essay and recommended sites.
The Weird Al Information Source
Offering detailed data on Weird Al's past, present, the band, his shoe size, and other information.
Weird Al 3K
Lyrics, downloads, quiz, and homemade parodies.
The Weird Al Underground
News, fan art, sound clips and concert schedule.
Weird-Al Fan DataBase
The purpose of the Weird-Al Fan DataBase (WAFDB) is to give all worldwide fans of Weird-Al Yankovic a listing of who else is on the net with that one special thing in common, namely that they all love 'Al'.
Weirdness Central
Concert photos and reviews, MIDI files, art work, lyrics, band member information, album and video covers, links, and other things pertaining to Weird Al Yankovic.
We've Got It All On UHF
Fan site with information, press releases, sound clips, and links.
The ultimate parody site dedicated to the ultimate parody king. Why Yahoo when you can Yankovic? Expansive resource for Weird Al information brought to you by dedicated Al fan, 'Happy' Steve.
Your Local Bohemian Polka Addict's Warm And Fuzzy AL2K Compliant Al Site
Fan art, comentary, concert experience and links.
The Al Fandom Test
List of humorous questions.
Brian's Weird Al Yankovic Page
Fan site with concert photos and autograph scans.
Call Me Al
Al look-alikes.
Mr. Music's Weird Al Pics
Concert photos.
Wendy Carlos, P+W Notes
Tracklist and behind-the-scenes information from Wendy Carlos' official site.
Running With Scissors Album Review
by Nathan, A.K.A. 'VoVat' Weird Al Yankovic
Reviews, articles and interviews, music videos and discography.
Sandy's compleat video trade page
Wanting to trade Al videos?
Weird Al Discography
Jeff Morris' compendium of all Al items ever released in the U.S.
Weird Al Yankovic UK
Profile and album list.
The Bargle Nawdle Zouss WebRing
Ring for all websites about 'Weird Al' Yankovic.
The Ultimate 'Weird Al' Webring
The original and still the largest ring of Weird Al-related sites.
Google-inspired Weird Al Yankovic fan page with many links.
Whitney Cohen's Weird Al-inspired parody of with concert photos and experiences, and original artwork.
The ultimate parody site dedicated to the ultimate parody king. Why Yahoo when you can Yankovic? [Brought to you by dedicated Al fan, 'Happy' Steve]
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