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Yothu Yindi

Yothu Yindi and Mandawuy Yunupingu
Trinity College resource, providing links about the band and the achievements of its members.
Yothu Yindi Page
Written and researched by Tania Zappala as her winning entry for the Spirit of Australia Awards. Includes information about the band, a biography of Mandawuy Yunupingu and discussion on Ganma Theory.
Australia Journal: Australian Music with Mandawuy Yunupingu
Washington Post transcript of an online discussion session. Includes background information about the band and links to music clips. (September, 2000)
Artist Direct: Yothu Yindi Biography
Includes a history of the band's formation, musical style and cultural backgrounds, with links to related topics.
Mandawuy Yunupingu
Interview with the lead singer of the band, Yothu Yindi. Includes brief biographical information. Prepared by the ABC Television program 'Behind the News'.
Message Stick: Yothu Yindi Garma
Album review, including interviews [in Real Audio format] with lead singer, Mandaway Yunupingu, about the Garma philosophy of education, and Galarrwuy Yunupingu, about Land Rights in North East Arnhem Land.
Profile: Mandawuy Yunupingu
Brief profile of the band's lead singer, covering his interests in music and reading. Prepared by Scholastic Australia.
Yothu Yindi
Official site. Offers information about albums, the band members' traditional heritage and community projects they support. Includes music and video downloads, chat room, tour dates, and cultural information.
Yothu Yindi
Offers track listings for the band's released albums, with links to songs that have been re-mixed.
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