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James Young

Have Your Day Pass Ready
Photographs and links.
James "J.Y." Young - an unofficial website
Unofficial site includes biography, photo gallery, musical history, interview archives, current tour dates, and links to other fan pages.
The James Young Group
Official site. History, biographies, photographs, and sound clips.
Unofficial James Young Lyrics Archive
Lyrics and interpretations.
Yahoo Groups: Day Pass
Fan community e-mail list, message archive, chat, file-sharing, calendar, and polls.
House Of Blues James Young chat
transcript of Yahoo Chat with James Young for House of Blues (December 9, 1999)
KAOS2000 Interview 1999
Interview with James Young for KAOS2000. (September, 1999)
Classic Rock Revisited: James "JY" Young of Styx
An interview by Jeb Wright. (August, 1999)
JY Talks
Interview with James Young at the China Club, Chicago (October 22, 1993)
16 Magazine: Styx' JY - Get Closer to Him
Reprint of an article taking a behind the scenes look at the Styx guitarist. (January, 1982)
Guitar Player: James Young
Reprint of an interview by Jim Schwartz. (July, 1981)
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