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Frank Zappa

Adrian's Album Reviews: Frank Zappa
Short commentary and album reviews.
ARF: Frank Zappa Scholars Web Page
Includes bibliography, notes and comments, suggestions as to what album fans should purchase next, FAQ, interviews, and links.
Information about his guitars, equipment and musical language with some scores. Also covers the Spanish language musical saga 'The Unmatched series.'
Transcript of the composer's appearance on the Doctor Demento show, discussions on the history of Lather, Apostrophe, and Metal Man.
The Black Page
Zappa fan page with articles, discography, and sound clips.
Black Page magazine
A Netherlands-based fanzine that features photos, links, news, a discography and a bulletin board.
Descriptions of bootleg recordings and links to related sites. English, German, bilingual;
The Chrome Dinette
Zappa tunes in real audio. Includes cover material and links to other FZ and music resources as well as other streaming media sites.
Conceptual Continuity
Web ring of sites about or dedicated to Frank. Frank Zappa
Includes a biography, photo gallery, discography, and an article from Down Beat Magazine.
Edgard Varese: The Idol of My Youth
Essay honoring one of his major influences and the effect that The Complete Works of Edgard Varese Volume I had on his musical development.
Frank Zappa - Coffee Achiever
A profile on Frank Zappa and his love of coffee.
Frank Zappa - Highly Ambient Domains
Links to all Frank Zappa tablature sites known to the author.
Frank Zappa - Lyrics
Words to songs, listed by album.
Frank Zappa and Louie Louie
Analysis of influences and references to the song apparent in this composer's work.
The Frank Zappa Interviews
Interviews with and about Frank in MP3 and video formats.
The Frank Zappa Links Database
Directory of sites arranged by category.
Frank Zappa Memorial Photo Pages
Unpublished photos from the Copenhagen concerts in the 70s.
Frank Zappa on Rykodisc
Record company pages on Zappa. Latest releases, catalog, news archive, quizzes, screen savers, and links.
Frank Zappa Pages
Art inspired by Zappa and personal interpretations of the meanings of some lyrics.
The Frank Zappa Review Page
The contents of this fan site include a biography, reviews of several of Zappa's records, links, pictures and a competition.
Frank Zappa Tribute
Memorial page, biography, and a discography.
Frank Zappa Tribute
Interviews with members of the Mothers of Invention. Includes biography, links, and news.
Frank Zappa: Utility Muffin Art Kitchen
Collection of portraits of the man by comic-book artists.
FZ Lyrics
Discography including information on differences between different vinyl pressings and CD releases, songlist with extensive notes, and chronology.
Lists of unreleased live show recording, mystery tracks, unreleased recordings and a collection of covers.
G and S Music
Suppliers of CDs and books. Guitar Tablature Page
Tabs and chords submitted by the public.
Kill Ugly Radio
Frank Zappa news, quotes, quizzes, image galleries, discography, and articles.
Marcelo's Frank Zappa Page
Argentine and Uruguayan vinyl discography, interviews conducted by the site owner, photographs, and essays.
Modern Day Composer
Brief description of Zappa and analysis of a few of his songs to support the author's argument that Zappa's apparent cynicism is really a harsh brand of idealism.
Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa
The stories of how Zappa came to have a planet, a fish, a jellyfish, and a bacterial gene named after him.
Pedal-depressed Panchromatic Resonance
Text, notes, and commentary on the track 'Evelyn, a modified dog'.
Phase II Of Zappa Web
Discography, some midi files and movie information.
Philm Freax: Frank Zappa
Notes on the shooting of the photographs for the Chunga's Revenge album cover by the photographer. Includes additional photographs from the same session.
Planet Of My Dreams
Gig list, touring band lineups, and information about tours of the early 1970s.
Includes a photo gallery, discography, and magazine articles.
Porn Music?
This is a link to page 51 of the congressional hearings in which Frank Zappa and other musicians stood up for artistic freedom in the music industry.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Biography and time line of his career.
Rock Lyrics
Song lyrics from a few of his records arranged by album with a second alphabetical index by song title. From the use of capitalization and spelling, the lyrics appear to have been taken from the original cover and liner notes.
Splat's Zappa Page
Fan page with musician timelime and biographies.
St Alphonzo's
FAQs, discography, interviews, edited threads from, and a daily zappa quote.
Stephen Homan
Review of 'Civilization, Phaze III' and a phone conversation with the musician.
Started as an eGroup, TheBigNote focusses on the life, times and ideas of Frank Zappa, the late great composer. Includes essays, graphical art, links and a music section.
Thingpage Zappa Trivia
Ten question tests on knowledge about the composer, the music and his bands.
United Mutations
Includes directory of musicians who recorded or performed with Zappa, discographies, e-zine 'The Big Note Files,' scheduled performances of Zappa material around the world, and extensive links.
VH1: Frank Zappa
Album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and bulletin boards.
The Way I See It, Barry ... A Tribute To Frank Zappa
Discography, reviews, quotes, quiz, links and concert posters.
Zappa 4 u
Simple Zappa page, with a biography, discography, lyrics and pictures.
Zappa Interviews
Given by him on Swedish and Danish radio.
Zappa is King
Fan site with lyrics, a biography, discography, pictures, and a filmography.
Zappa Mundi
Midi files of various pieces. Also contains Midi files of Peter Forbes compositions and versions of Bartok, Debussy and Satie.
Zappa Navi
Categorized links to Japanese and English language sites.
The Zappa Patio
Discography and miscellaneous articles
Zappa References on Mystery Science Theater 3000
A list of what the author and his collaborators assert are Frank Zappa references that have been made on this TV show.
The official website of Frank and the Zappa family.
Frank Zappa links and merchandise.
A book analysing Zappa's music and history in context of the era and his various bands and albums.
Zomby Woof
Tribute page with links, reviews, lyrics and a chat room.
Bogus Pomp
A tribute band dedicated to the music of Frank Zappa. Located in the Tampa area.
Burnt Weenie Sandwich
Frank Zappa Tribute Band. This trio is actively looking for more musicians. [Jacksonville, Florida]
Ed Palermo Big Band
Combo has been playing and honing the music of Frank Zappa for close to five years, mainly in performance at the Bottom Line in New York City. Latest CD is 'Ed Palermo Big Band Plays The Music of Frank Zappa.'
New York based tribute to the musical legacy of Frank Zappa. News, show dates, biographies, photos, and soundbytes.
Sul Divano
Argentine band featuring original arrangements of this composer's works and also the works of Astor Piazzolla.
Tinsletown Rebellion
A New Jersey based band dedicated to performing the music of Frank Zappa. Pictures, show dates, and contact information.
Diva Zappa
Frank's youngest daughter Diva steps out into the art world
Moon Unit Zappa
Author and artist Moon Unit Zappa promoting her latest book (which is NOT about herself or her FATHER), 'America The Beautiful'
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