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Zim Zum

All Music Guide: Zim Zum
Includes the things Zim has contributed to during his Marilyn Manson days. Zim Zum
Includes the things Zim has contributed to during his Marilyn Manson days.
Dean Guitars - Dean Players
Features a couple of pictures of Zim with his Dean guitars, including one with founder Dean Zelinsky.
Featured artists []
Includes a picture of Zim Zum and a quote by him in regards to Zoom.
Fernandes - Fernandes Zim Zum Artist Info
This page shows pictures of Zim Zum using their guitars.
Bizarre - Lives - Zim Zum
An Interview with Marilyn Manson's former guitarist on why he has re-appeared with a manifesto for new music.
Rock N Roll Experience: An Exclusive Interview With Zim Zum
Another great interview that touches on the meaning of Pleistoscene as well as on his involvement in Marilyn Manson. - News -Former Manson Guitarist Responds To Video Message
An article where Zim Zum responds the comments made about him by Manson in a video message on the Marilyn Manson official Web site. (September 26, 2000)
The Intravenous Ultra World of Zim Zum
A forum for the discussion of all things Zim Zum/Pleistoscene, plus almost anything else you want to talk about.
Heavenly Creatures
A Japanese Zim Zum/Pleistoscene fan site that includes a bio, pics, art, info, articles and links.
Shrine of Zim Zum
Includes a Dear Zim column, a mailing list, photographs, a biography and information on new and future projects.
Zig Zag
A Japanese Zim Zum site that includes news, pictures, profile, articles, interviews.
Zimmykitti's Shrine of Zim Zum
Includes a picture archive, biographical information, and links.
Features exclusive information and pictures, a full discography, biography, lyrics, tour dates, a Q&A, and information on Zim Zum's band, Pleistoscene.
Zim Zum Pictures []
A large collection of pictures.
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