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Zita Swoon

Zita Swoon
The official site featuring news from the band, information about members, merchandise, multimedia, downloads, tour-dates and a virtual exhibition.
Hey! My Life Is OkaY!
Fan-pages about Zita Swoon, providing a biography and a large photograph gallery.
My Song Belongs To Someone Else (I Wish It Was Mine) - The dML Zita Swoon Tribute
100% non-profit fan project CD covering the songs of Zita Swoon.
Unofficial site featuring news, information, articles, images and a forum.
Page offering lyrics for 12 Zita Swoon songs, with an option to submit more
Yahoogroup for the band, where fans can chat, gossip, upload photos and files and exchange news and views.
Song Texts
Waltertje's page of Zita Swoon lyrics.
You Want A Bond With Me Tonight?
Zita Swoon fan-site with profile, discography, concert information, pictures, and articles.
Zita Swoon Archive
Portuguese fan-pages featuring archives of live and press photographs, and lyrics.
Zita Swoon Homepage
Fan-site providing history, biographies of members, discography, concert list, lyrics, reviews and a guestbook.
Zita Swoon Photographs - 1995
An archive page of photographs and an interview by Marie Man.
Zita Swoon Photographs - 1999
An archive page of photographs taken by Marie Man.
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